Monday, March 12

Two subjects were seen walking on the football field with flashlights. The subjects were looking for a lost item and were asked to leave.

A vendor in the quad reported his poster was taken from the area. The vendor was not desirous of a report; information was taken.

A student reported his vehicle was struck while parked in Lot 5.

Tuesday, March 13th

A diabetic subject refusing assistance in controlling her low blood sugar in the R building was reported. The subject was escorted to her vehicle.

Staff reported graffiti in the men’s restroom in the L building.

Staff reported an altercation between a boyfriend and girlfriend at CEC Campus. The subject was cited and released.

A student reported that exterior parts of her vehicle were taken while parked in Lot 4.

Wednesday, March 14th

There were reports of a student refusing to leave a class he is not registered for in the GM Building. The student was advised to leave and he complied.

Two individuals in a fight on the north east side of the GM Building were reported.

Staff reported two subjects writing on the west walls of the Forum. No graffiti was visible and the subjects were released.

A faculty member reported that a student may have stolen personal information off of his laptop while teaching in the C Building.

Thursday, March 15th

No activities were reported.

Friday, March 16th

Staff requested an officer to speak to a person who believed two individuals were following him with the intent to steal his bicycle north of the D Building. Officers complied and assisted.

Staff reported an alarm activation in the C Building. An area check was conducted and was cleared. The alarm was reset.

Staff reported a subject being physical with staff members in the D Building. An arrest was made.

A report was made by a student concerned with another student in class after viewing his drawings that depict stick figures being shot by an assault rifle. The students were interviewed by officers.

Saturday, March 17th

In a video surveillance tape, three subjects were seen attempting to jump over the East Del Mar gates of the football field. The situation was resolved when the subjects were identified as students and a coach.

A cadet reported two subjects sleeping inside an elevator in lot 5. They were asked to leave and they complied.

A staff member stated that someone came into her office and exchanged her monitor with one that does not belong to her. Responding officers conducted an interview.

Facilities reported a subject in the rear of the Boiler House attempting to enter a door near the area. A report was made and a suspect was arrested.

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