Tuesday, May 30

A report was taken of graffiti found in Lot 5 Level 5.

There was an area check for a lunch bag that was left unattended in the second floor of the C-building.

A man was reported casing vehicles in Lot 5. After an area check, Officer Chan made contact with the subject and escorted the subject off campus.

Wednesday, May 31

Officer Gonzales reported a hit and run around 9 a.m.

A female student was transported to the health center because of abdominal pain.

A report was taken for a student whose motorcycle helmet was stolen

A female student reported a subject was harassing her while she waited for her ride by the mirror pools. The subject was unable to be located after an area check.

Thursday, June 1

An irate student was yelling at staff members in the CEC. Officer Gonzales made contact and counseled them.

A student feeling faint in the first floor of CC-building was transported to health center.

A staff member was assisted in locating their vehicle. The vehicle was located in Lot 4.

A student reporting a vehicle is parked in Lot 8. The vehicle was gone upon arrival.

A female student transported to hospital after she slept and fell near CA-135, possibly dislocating her knee.

Friday, June 2

A woman called from the emergency box in Lot 1 asked to be transported to hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

Saturday, June 3

There was a report of a male and female students arguing in Lot 4 Level 1. Officer Robins made contact with both subjects, counseled them and asked the to leave the area.

A transient was reported inside the Piazza. Officer Robbins made contact with the subject and escorted them off campus.

Sunday, June 4

Two transients in the mirror pools were escorted off campus.

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