Monday, November 27

A staff member on campus reported a suspicious black male was pushing an office chair from south of the U building, but they were unable to locate the person upon arrival.

A male who was inside of the mirror pools was approached by a campus cadet officer and told to leave campus.

An officer took a report from a student whose car was involved in a hit and run in Lot 5 level 5.

An officer removed a disruptive student in R-317. The student was asked to leave campus for the day.

Three males were yelling from Lot 5 level 3 and were gone once approached.

A hit and run occurred in Lot 3. The damage was done to the passenger side of the student’s car.

An argument started between a male and female over a stolen phone.

A parking permit was stolen out of a student’s unlocked parked car in Lot 4 level 2.

A male approached another male student asking him if he wanted to buy steroids, to which he politely declined. He then went on to ask him to borrow his Lancerpoint ID for access to the computers, which he again declined.

Tuesday, November 28

A female was transported by the Pasadena Fire Department to the hospital after complaining of chest pains and shortness of breath in CEC-206A.

A 57-year-old female at CEC-102 fell but did not request paramedics. She went to St. George’s Medical Center for further treatment.

A male experienced pain in his arm after falling off  his skateboard in the Sculpture Garden. He was transported to the Health Center.

Officers contacted a victim of a hit and run after students reported it in Lot 3.

A traffic collision occurred in Lot 5 Level 4C. However, one party did not wish to pursue the matter further.

Wednesday, November 29

A hit and run occurred in Lot 4 level C and the camera footage was obtained to get the suspect’s car information.

A 40-year-old white male carrying several suitcases and bag was caught trespassing in front of the Piazza. He was escorted off campus.

Several students reported an uncomfortable looking female with an older male south of the E-building. The students contacted the female and asked her if she was okay. The male answered and led her away. She went into the C-building and he headed toward the Java Hut.

A man went trespassing into the bushed south of the Forum, and was shortly escorted off campus.

Thursday, November 30

A student’s car was keyed while parked in Lot 4 level 2.

A student’s car was struck while parked in Lot 5 level 4A.

A black male in his 50s was escorted off campus after trespassing, wearing dark clothing and carrying backpacks into the east side and third floor of the R building.

A student reported a hit and run collision at the Rosemead campus.

Two males were allegedly yelling at each other and getting physical. The students were counseled and the situation was later determined as a verbal altercation only.

A staff member suffered an injury to her foot in C-321 and was transported to her personal vehicle.

A male student became angry after being denied computer access in IT-17. He was approached by an officer near W-115 and the issue was resolved.

Dark purple ink graffiti was reported in the bathrooms on the second floor of the IT building.

A male was escorted off campus for trespassing. He had multiple bags on him.

Friday, December 1

A black male near the Sculpture Garden wearing all black and carrying multiple bags was escorted off campus.

Saturday, December 2

A staff member reported a male near the mirror pools huffing from an aerosol can but the subject was gone upon arrival.

Food Services reported that one of their carts was missing from the north of the CC-building. It was found the following day by the South Pasadena Police Department.

Sunday, December 3

A male Flea Market visitor seeked treatment after cutting himself on some glass in Lot 5 level 2.

An instructor reported that a female student emailing them saying she wanted to kill herself. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department gave information on the student’s place of residence and the student was contacted. She said she felt better and was taking her medication.


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