Monday, April 24

A hit and run occurred on of Level 4 of Lot 5 parking structure.

Five people were reported smoking marijuana in the mirror pool area. Officer Robins investigated the report but no one was found.

Tuesday, April 25

The Pasadena Fire Department responded to a call of a person that was conscious, but unresponsive at South Hill Avenue and Cordova Street.

A theft of a student’s tablet was reported in the D building.

Two people were reported arguing and disturbing the peace near the community education center, but no one was found upon investigation.

Wednesday, April 26

A female student was taken to the hospital due to abdominal pain.

Two people were seen trying to force their way into the CA building. Upon investigation, Officer Arechiga detained one person while Pasadena Police assisted in trying to locate the second. The first person was escorted off campus, the second was not found.

Thursday, April 27

A staff member reported theft of money from her office.

A cadet investigated a report of a smoldering object on the ground between Lot 4 and the football stadium. Upon investigation it was discovered to be a cigarette butt.

Friday, April 28

Multiple people reported an individual who walked into the W buildings women’s locker room. The suspect was non-compliant with officers upon contact and was arrested and transported to the Pasadena Police Department Jail.

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