Monday Oct. 26th:

A student reported that her car, a silver Mitsubishi, was hit while parked in lot 5, level 4D. The report was taken and the footage needs to be examined.

Tuesday Oct. 27th:
Swimming coach Terry Stoddard reported two cases of water were stolen from the office, W-105B. Stoddard suspects a man that frequented the office collecting recyclables.

A student reported that their car, a gray Mitsubishi, was hit while parked in Lot 3 on Oct. 13th. The car suffered damage to the left fender and a dent with the white paint.

A female student reported that her vehicle had been vandalized. She arrived to find her car covered in syrup. Officer Chan assisted by transporting her.

A father of a student stated that another female assaulted his daughter by approaching her and pulling her hair while she was waiting for the bus. The daughter did not want to report this incident.

Wednesday Oct. 28th:

An incoherent person by the Facilities building said he was in pain but did not want to be treated by the Pasadena Fire Department. He eventually changed his mind and the fire department was called. The person had multiple injuries and appeared to have been recently treated at a hospital. He was transported to a hospital afterwards.

Thursday Oct. 29th:
Jo Buczko, Student Health Services, reported that a female student in her office claimed she was sexually assaulted. Officer Arechiga reported that the student did not want to talk.

A student reported that their cell phone was stolen from a class in the D-building on Sept. 28th.

A female student reported that she was approached outside the 3rd floor of the library by a male student claiming to need to massage students for a class assignment. She allowed him to massage her feet and he kissed her toes at some point. The student said she did not feel threatened and the male did not seem to be doing it for gratification.

Monday Nov. 2:

Facilities called to inform the police that there were tools lying next to a vehicle. The tools included a scraper, a torch, and a light with an extension cord. Surveillance cameras were reviewed and they were unable to determine where the items came from. The tools were taken in by facilities.

Library staff reported a female doing drugs in the women’s restroom on the 3rd floor. All the restrooms were checked and were clear of any drugs.

A female student reported that a thin 5’7” Hispanic male was following her and her friend near the second floor of the C-building. The student stated that the male grabbed her and her friend inappropriately. The suspect was contacted and transported to the Campus Police. The suspect was advised off Bi-polar medications and was transported to Huntington Memorial Hospital for medical evaluation.

Tuesday Nov 3rd:

The Pasadena Police Department requested assistance in locating a missing student as a cell phone had a ping location in the C-building. The C-building, Center of the Arts, and the Science Village were all checked with no results. A message was left on the phone’s voicemail to contact the Campus Police.

Wednesday Nov. 4th:

The male that harassed the female students on Monday was stalking the student that reported the incident. The male was not currently registered and was told to leave the campus.

A subject was detained and arrested for trespassing by the mirror pools. The subject was transported to the Pasadena Police Department.

A food services employee reported an elderly man wandering around a parking lot that “doesn’t look like he’s all there.” An officer made contact and discovered that the subject was a missing person from South Pasadena. The Pasadena Police department was notified and the daughter of the missing man came and took him home.

Thursday Nov. 5:

A person that was previously arrested for trespassing on Nov. 4 was found again on campus. Sergeant Abernathie contacted the man and cited the arrest. The man was found in a men’s restroom on the 2nd floor of the C-building. He was arrested and transported to the Pasadena jail for booking.

A female student reported that a male Hispanic, 25 years old, threatened to shoot the woman and her friends. The student and her friend left to their classes. An officer reported that the subject was not specifically threatening the student and her friends, but everybody as the suspect did say that he “was going to kill everyone and put them in wheelchairs.”

A flower and note were left on a female student’s parked vehicle in level 4C of lot 5 following several similar reported incidents by the student and has been referred to as a stalking incident. The suspect is still unknown.

Monday Nov. 9:

Staff reported that a student requested to be transported from CC-105 after his leg was pinned with an electric car and a trash can. The student suffered an ankle injury was taken to the Health Center.

A student parked his car Thursday in Lot 4 level 1B and upon returning discovered his car had been keyed.

While parked a student reported that her car had been vandalized. Her passenger door was dented and a footprint was left on the car.

Tuesday Nov. 10:

A student reported that her vehicle, a white BMW, was hit while parked in level 1C of Lot 4. The car was damaged on the passenger side. A camera in the parking lot showed a suspected vehicle, a dark four-door Honda with a tire hanged on the back at around eight in the morning. Follow up is still needed.

The facilities supervisor reported that a member of the facilities staff scratched a PCC van that was parked between the C and V buildings. Cameras were checked but footage was not caught of the event. Officer Chan will make an attempt to contact the facilities employee.

Professor Cuatt reported an incident that occurred between one of his students on Nov. 4th. The alleged victim bumped into another student, the alleged suspect, and “words were said” after bumping into each other. Things escalated when the alleged suspect pulled a knife out. The victim reported the incident to his professor on Nov. 9th and directed the student to the campus police. Officer Chan interviewed the victim. The weapon was taken from the suspect.

Wednesday Nov 11th:

No activities reported at this time.

Thursday Nov 12th:

A staff member found a male sleeping in the elevator in the quad.

A female student was reported unconscious in SV-28. The student was conscious and breathing a couple minutes later and called her mother to pick her up. The student was then taken to the Health Center afterwards.

Saturday Nov 14th:

A student from the Adelante event complained of a headache in the first floor of the R-building. There were no known medical conditions. Officer Arechiga advised the group to find the instructor. The situation was resolved as the instructor assisted the student.

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