Monday, Oct. 18

A student reported that his backpack was stolen from the third floor of the library when left unattended. Witnesses advise that a man wearing a blue jersey and red pants left with the property.

A hit and run collision occurred in Lot 5, Level 3B.

A staff member reported a man in his 50s, who was wearing an earring, a blue shirt, and blue pants, asking for a bottle of water. He then laid down in a grassy area.

A bicycle was stolen from the southwest bicycle rack near the L Building.

Tuesday, Oct. 11

A mother of a student received telephone calls regarding her daughter being held for ransom, and requested a welfare check for her daughter, who was in class. The daughter was located and brought to the station to contact her mother.

A hit and run collision occurred in Lot 4, Level 1.

Two people were in a verbal disturbance over a parking space in Lot 5, Level 3A.

A facilities employee stated that his harness belt was stolen from the west side of the W Building between 9:30 PM on Oct. 10 and 3:30 PM on Oct. 11. Video surveillance footage showed an unidentified male in a light colored shirt and dark pants remove the belt on top of equipment at 4:51 AM on Oct. 11 and leave the area with the property.

Wednesday, Oct. 12

Staff members in the C Building reported a woman in her 20s shouting in the halls. The female was a possible transient. She later went into the L Building, then left campus.

A student advised that her 90s green Honda Accord was stolen from the northwest corner of Lot 3.

A hit and run collision occurred in Lot 4, Level 3.

Thursday, Oct. 13

A facilities supervisor reported two transients sleeping in the stairwell west of D building and east of E building. They were escorted off campus.

A female transient was sleeping on a rock north of the Circadian. Officers escorted her off campus.

A student from a math class in R-117 on Oct. 11 was concerned by another student’s odd behavior and felt unsafe by comments made by this student. Officers contacted class instructor and the student that made said comments. The student agreed to not attend class that day and will also seek counseling with psychological services.

A hit and run collision occurred in Lot 4, Level 2. A witness left suspect vehicle information on victim’s windshield.

A student reported that his locker in the GM Building men’s locker room was broken into and his belongings were thrown into the trash. Only the lock was stolen.

Friday, Oct. 14

Staff advised that their Keurig coffee maker was stolen from the Rosemead campus. Video surveillance footage showed a man wearing a black sweater and black pants was seen walking into the building, picking up the coffee maker, and walking away.

An officer contacted a transient north of the Campus Center building, who was then escorted off campus.

A student left her flash drive in a computer in the LL building. A suspect from video footage taking the flash drive from the computer lab is unable to be identified.

Saturday, Oct. 15

The Pasadena Police Department called reporting that a female was complaining of a man with dirty blonde hair, a grey sweater, and blue jean shorts bothering her in front of the E Building.

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