Monday, March 28

A staff member reported that their personal desk was burglarized.

A student reported that his bicycle was stolen in the early afternoon from the bike racks outside of the C building.


Tuesday, March 29

A PCC faculty member requested assistance when an aggressive individual approached them. Campus police responded to the incident, which was resolved.

A missing Azusa individual with mental disabilities advised their family that they were at PCC. Campus security conducted an area check and PCC advised Azusa PD that the individual was found in their jurisdiction.


Wednesday, March 30

Officer Robins responded to a report of a male following a female in parking lot five, level three after the female had asked the follower to stay away. When Robins arrived the individual had already left the scene.


Thursday, March 31

The Pasadena Police Department (PPD) received a call that five black males in hooded sweatshirts entered the campus near Hill and Colorado, possibly carrying weapons. PPD and PCC’s campus security conducted a sweep of the campus, but the men were not found.


Friday, April 1

Office Despain responded to a report of a student smoking marijuana near the mirror pools. One subject was found and Despain counseled the student, as well as issuing a warning.


Sunday, April 2

A fire alarm was activated from a pull station in parking lot five and after consultation with the Red Star Fire Company, Despain reset the alarm.

A transient was found near the annex and, according to Officer Arechiga, had drug paraphernalia in their possession. A citation was issued to the transient.

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