Monday, June 5

PCC Campus Police reported that suspicious figures were seen examining the inside of vehicles parked in Lot 11 at 7:56pm. The two male suspects left the area when Officer Chan conducted an area search. Nothing was reported stolen.

PCC Campus Police responded to a subject stuck in an elevator at 6:28am in the R-building. Campus Police were unable to reset the elevator. The Pasadena Fire Department was called for assistance, and the subject was rescued out of the elevator.

Tuesday, June 6

A suspect was reported to be following and taking pictures of a PCC student in the Library at 3:43pm. The suspect was unable to be identified or caught by Campus Police.

A student complaining of high blood pressure was aided by Campus Police at 7:28pm. The student was met by Officer Chan, who offered medical attention. The student refused treatment by paramedics.

Wednesday, June 7

A suspect was reported for disruption at 6:01pm. The suspect was interrupting classes in the GM-building and was escorted off of the campus.

A suspect was reportedly loitering outside PCC’s Child Development Center. The suspect was gone upon arrival of Officer Gonzales.

A PCC student reported a stolen phone. The student had left their phone inside of a locker in the library.

Friday, June 9

Campus Police caught a male suspect sneaking into the mirror pools. The suspect was caught at 12:44am, in the early morning hours of Friday June 9, and was escorted off of the campus.

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