Monday, April 2

A suspicious person was reported looking disgruntled in Lot 5. The person was contacted and explained being upset about a broken vehicle key.

A minor traffic collision was reported in Lot 3.

A welfare check was conducted on a PCC student after the police received reports that the student was planning on hurting herself. The student was taken to the hospital under a 5150 hold.

Tuesday, April 3

A student was reported fainting but nothing was found when officers checked the area.

Career Center staff reported an older female subject who kept slapping students who passed the L-building. Officers at the scene determined the female is an individual with a disability who attempts to say hi to people who pass by.

A transient was reported sleeping near the Circadian, and the subject was escorted off campus at about 1 p.m.

A report was placed about somebody possibly recording over a bathroom stall in the C-building 3rd floor men’s restroom. Police conducted an area check but did not find anything.

A subject flagged down an officer and stated he was having an allergic reaction. The subject was transported to the Health Center.

A man was reported engaged in lewd conduct in the C-building 3rd floor men’s restroom. Officers were unable to locate the man during an area check.

A student claimed their car was struck in a hit-and-run in Lot 4. An officer took a report.

A transient was escorted out of the Community Education Center.

A bicycle was reported stolen from the racks located north of the Forum. Officers took a report.

Wednesday, April 4

A report was made about a subject who appeared to be casing cars in Lots 6 and 7. When police contacted the subject, the subject claimed to be a student scouting for film locations.

A report was made about a subject having difficulty breathing at the Rosemead Campus. Los Angeles County Fire Department was contacted and paramedics transported the subject to the hospital.

A student reported their car was damaged while parked in Lot 5. A report was taken.

A transient was escorted out of the CC-building at about 10:30 p.m.

Thursday, April 5

A student reported she is being harassed by a classmate. An officer met with the student.

A car was reported vandalized while parked in Lot 4. A report was taken.

A report was taken for a traffic collision that occurred in Lot 10.

Facilities reported they heard a female shouting in Lot 10 that her vehicle was stolen. Officers did not find the subject when checking the area.

A staff member requested transportation to the Health Center after injuring herself in the library. A report was taken and the staff member was transported to the health center.

Friday, April 6

A subject was reported being undressed in the CA-building first floor men’s restroom. Police were unable to locate the subject during an area check.

A female was reported shouting obscenities in the Quad. An area check found a female listening to music near the mirror pools.

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