Monday, April 30

Plumbing equipment was reported stolen from inside of the E-building.

A male subject was found panhandling in Lot 5 and escorted off campus.

A subject reported his parked bicycle stolen from the main campus.

Tuesday, May 1

An officer’s presence was requested at CC-105 for a disruptive student meeting with the dean.

Wednesday, May 2

A female was reported causing nuisance in Lot 8 and escorted off campus.

A subject who claimed her email had been hacked met with an officer to file a police report.

Thursday, May 3

A subject was approached by a male who asked for all of his money. The suspect was arrested and taken to the Pasadena Police Department Jail.

Friday, May 4

A subject filed a report stating they were harassed online.

A male and female were arguing in Lot 1.  An officer resolved the situation and released them.

Subject called for assistance as they were stuck in the R-building elevator. The subject was released.

A transient person was escorted out of the CC-building.

Sunday, May 6

The Pasadena Fire Department responded to a subject in Lot 5.2 who had dislocated their knee. The subject was transported to Huntington Memorial hospital.

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