Monday, March 27

A student was reported disrupting their class. Officers made contact with the student, counseled them and resolved the issue.

A man was harassing a woman near the C-building.

Officers made contact with an individual smoking a cigarette near the mirror pools. A ticket was issued.

A student reported a man was using a video camera to record underneath the stalls inside of the second floor C-building men’s restrooms.

Tuesday, March 28

A homeless man entered the GM-building men’s locker room. Officer escorted him off of campus.

A vehicle was left running in Lot 5 level 2. The vehicle was turned off and secured by a cadet.

A backpack was reported stolen in the quad area.

An audible alarm activated in the R-building. All building checks were clear.

Wednesday, March 29

A homeless man went inside the facilities lobby. An officer escorted him off of campus

Physical altercation occurred in the mirror pool area. Subjects were contacted, altercation was mutual combat. No prosecution.

A student needed assistance in locating her vehicle. Cadets assisted student in Lot 4.

Thursday, March 28

A homeless person was escorted off of campus from the east side of the CC-building.

A homeless person was escorted off of campus from the east side of the L-building.

A homeless person was found sleeping north of Circadian, then escorted off of campus.

A homeless person was escorted out of the CC-building, then escorted off of campus.

A student’s cell phone was stolen when they left it on a desk in administrative office.

Stay away orders were issued to two individuals who were engaging in narcotic activity near the mirror pools.

Tickets were issued to three individuals who were smoking in the area of the mirror pools.

Sunday, April 2

Campus police lobby doors were left ajar. Area check conducted and area was clear.