A list of the weekly police activity.

Feb. 11:

A student reported that his backpack was stolen from the pool area near the W Building. The police were unable to locate the backpack.

A student reported that a woman was attempting to pick the locks in the women’s locker room of the Hutto-Patterson Gym. After an area check, officers determined that no crime was in progress. No students were apprehended or identified.

Feb. 12:

Two people were stopped by staff of the library circulation desk after allegedly attempting to take a book from the Shatford Library. Police questioned one person, who claimed to be unaware that the book in question was PCC property, and claimed to have purchased it from another student. The incident is currently under investigation.

Feb. 13:

A facilities worker reported a woman having a seizure and was unresponsive outside of the V Building. An ambulance was called by the police and the woman was conscious and breathing as she was taken to Huntington Memorial Hospital for further evaluation.

Feb. 14:

A student reported that another student stole her phone while she was not looking and that she saw him walk away with her phone. Officers investigated and were unable to locate the man, however, the woman reported that her phone had been returned to her by the man an hour and a half later. An officer arrived on the scene of the returned phone but the suspect was gone on arrival.

Feb. 19

A cadet reported flooding on the first floor of the D Building. Facilities workers were advised and they reported a sewage pipe had burst in the area. Cadets arrived on the scene for crowd control. The issue was resolved by facilities clean-up and repair.

Feb. 21

Staff reported a suspicious circumstance at CEC with damage to the wood and metal of the door. Staff member stated that she had noticed this on Feb. 19. It was confirmed that no property was missing but the computer was on.

A student reported she felt harassed and stalked by a man who had approached her in 2008 and was claiming to be a photographer. She said that she saw him on campus, outside the C Building and was worried that he was following her while victimizing other girls. Cadets arrived on scene and attempted to capture a man who began to run eastbound by the Lot 5 entrance, finally entering an apartment complex on South Bonnie Avenue. Officers arrived on the scene but were unable to locate the man.

A student reported that a theft occurred at CEC. The student had left his cell phone on the desk and gone to the bathroom. When he returned his cell phone was missing. The woman said that she suspects one of her class mates took the cell phone.

Feb. 22

Staff reported a man shaking doors on the east side of the R Building. An officer arrived on scene and made contact with the man. The man said that he was there to use the restroom and register for class.

A student reported that her ex-boyfriend was threatening her via text. An officer responded and counseled both subjects regarding the incident.

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