Monday, Feb. 16

A staff member reported his vehicle stolen from the south side of the Aquatic Center as he was using the restroom. Officer Arechiga met with the victim and took a report. The 2007 navy blue Camry was entered in the Stolen Vehicle System and later found by Glendale Police Department. The suspect was arrested in Pasadena by the Pasadena Police Department.

Two unidentified juveniles were driving a PCC cart in Lot 5. Officer Robins made contact with the individuals in Lot 5 level 5. Their mother was contacted and the juveniles were released to her. Cart was recovered in good condition and secured in Lot 5 level 1.

Tuesday, Feb. 17

Female reports her bicycle was stolen from the west side bike racks of the L-building. Surveillance was checked and cameras were not facing the bike racks. Cadets were assigned to extra patrol near the bike racks on campus.

A female student reported a hit and run in Lot 4 level 2 between 8:40 AM and 11:55 AM. Witnesses provided information on the suspect. The suspect was found using license plate information. Officer Robins counseled both parties and information was exchanged.

While on patrol, Officer Archiga made contact with two parties involved in a traffic collision on Bonnie Avenue. No injuries were sustained and Archeiga advised both parties to exchange information. Both parties were assisted and had their vehicles towed.

Wednesday, Feb. 18

A fire alarm was activated at the first floor of the Community Education Center. Officer Despain was dispatched and no fire emergency was found.

Thursday, Feb. 19

A facilities cart was taken from the east side of the CC-building. The facility’s employee parked with the key in the ignition to enter the CC-building to unlock an interior door. A white male inquired about the restroom and when the employee returned the cart was missing. The cart was later found parked on the west side of the CC-building with no damage and the key in the ignition.

A black male near the bicycle rack and appeared to be tampering with a secured bike. The male left with the bike and was last seen headed eastbound toward Bonnie. A cut cable lock was found on the ground near the bike rack. Officer Chan conducted a search but he subject could not be found.

Friday, Feb. 20

A female student reports lending her phone to a male Asian adult who asked inside the library and then proceeded to leave the library without returning the phone. The male was last seen heading north on Bonnie Avenue toward Colorado. Officer Despain created a crime bulletin displaying images of the suspect.

A student reported they were burglarized in Lot 4 level 3C. The front passenger door window was smashed and the item taken was an IPhone 5S. A rock the size of a softball was found inside near the foot pedals of the driver’s floorboard. Surveillance was unavailable; cameras were not facing the vehicle

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