Monday, Feb. 27

A hit and run occurred in Lot 10.

A hit and run was reported in Lot 4.

A counselor had her cellphone and pencil case stolen from her desk.

Students were playing loud music and disturbing the peace in GM-105. They were advised to turn it down.

Tuesday, Feb. 28

An unauthorized vendor was seen in the Galloway Plaza and was escorted off campus.

Another unauthorized vendor was seen north of the Amphitheater and was also escorted off campus.

A student reported their bag was stolen from the bookstore, but found it.

Graffiti was reported in the first and second floor restrooms of the R-building, and in the second floor restroom of the CA-building.

There was a traffic collision in Lot 1. No one was injured, but those in the accident exchanged information.

Wednesday, March 1

A homeless person was seen trespassing at the Mirror Pools and was escorted off campus.

Someone fell asleep while taking a shower in the GM-building. They were unconscious when found, but otherwise OK.

A facilities worker at PCC reported his work radio was lost or stolen on Feb. 10 after leaving it in his cart next to the emergency brake.

A student’s car was damaged while parked in Lot D of the Community Education Center.

The Pasadena Fire Department transported a student to the Huntington Memorial Hospital after she requested paramedics claiming feelings of faintness and stomach pains.

Graffiti was reported in the men’s restroom of the CC-building.

Thursday, March 2

An unknown, unauthorized man was flying a drone over the Mirror Pools. He received clearance to demonstrate operational functions of the drone for a class and the drone was property of PCC.

A student was temporarily stuck in the R-building elevator, and was helped out by a cadet.

A homeless person was seen in the L-building, but was gone before police arrived.

Friday, March 3

One of the men’s restrooms of the R-building was vandalized.

A homeless person was seen sleeping in the W-building hallway. They were escorted off campus by OffIcer Robins.

Another homeless person was seen sleeping in the GM-building hallway. They were also escorted off campus by Officer Robins.

Saturday, March 4

Staff members walked into the CA-312 Adjunct Faculty Dining area and reported finding inappropriate images displayed on a computer screen.

Coach Maher found a homeless-looking person in the men’s restroom of the GM-building. After asking him to leave, the person became verbally and physically angry. He was last seen heading north towards Colorado Blvd. before officers could arrive.

Two unauthorized people were riding a PCC golf cart and the driver was given a citation.

Sunday, March 5

There was miscommunication between a Flea Market vendor and a patron in Lot 4, but they were counseled and the issue was resolved.

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