Due to LA counties positive Covid cases being at an all time high, PCC has decided to adhere to the suggestion made by the California Community college chancellor’s office’s suggestion to delay in person classes for the first two weeks of the Spring 2022 semester, with plans to resume face-to-face instruction starting on Jan. 24.

“The decision to have our face-to-face classes move to synchronous online will be revisited each week,” Superintendent-President Dr. Erika Endrijonas said. “We are monitoring infection rates and local and statewide public health department orders as data points for our decisions.”

Classes that were scheduled to be face-to-face will meet synchronously online at the time they were scheduled via zoom.

“We know we are asking a lot of our students as we move forward with our plan to return to in-person operations this Spring,” Alex Boekelheide, the special assistant to the Superintendent/President said. “We are here to help address a range of problems-registration and academics for sure, but also emergencency financial aid, food assistance, and mental health.”

Students who do not have access to a computer can get a loaner laptop and calculator at the Shatford Library. The library is closed but students can visit the south facing entrance between the times 9am to 3pm Monday through Friday and 9am to noon on Saturday to check out a laptop or calculator. Supplies are limited.

Lancer Pantry, PCC’s response to students with food insecurity, is offering an emergency gift certificate to the Altadena Grocery Outlet, gift cards and assistance with CalFresh applications. More information can be found on their website.

Dr. Endrijonas stated that the classes that were switched to synchronous online is temporary and she does not “foresee” it to be a permanent transition for the entirety of the spring semester.

“We will return all classes that were originally scheduled to be face-to-face to in person when we have the opportunity,” Dr. Endrijonas said.

Students as well as employees who are scheduled to return to campus on or after January 24th are required to submit a negative COVID test within 72 hours before they enter campus. PCC is currently offering Covid testing sites. The hours of operation and the location of the sites can be found on the PCC website under Covid testing resources and requirements, which will also provide students and employees a link to submit their results. Students are also asked to bring their negative results to class once they return to campus.

Alternative testing providers can also be used as a means to provide proof of negative results. Although, the results from the test will still have to be uploaded on the PCC website.

For the students who pre-register and take a Covid test at the testing sites offered at PCC, will be entered to win 1 of 10 Apple AirPods as well as 1 of 10 200 dollar visa gift cards. The test must be taken on either Saturday January 22nd or Sunday January 23rd to qualify for the contest.

Certain courses that will continue to be face-to-face are accreditation courses, such as nursing and medical technicians. Students who are unsure of how they should approach their course are encouraged to reach out to their instructors.

Tutoring and support services will also be remote until Jan. 24. Although the PCC bookstore will remain open.

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