The transfer center at PCC held a workshop on Sept. 16 to guide students in their journeys to transfer to a four-year university.

“It’s much easier than you think,” admissions counselor Greg Wontorek told students during the workshop.

He explained to a group of students what it takes to transfer from a community college to a University of California (UC), a California State University (CSU), or to any other independent institutions.

“PCC is the best transfer center in the States,” Wontorek said. “We know what it takes.”

He told students that with the right coursework and a decent grade point average (GPA), the door for admissions to a four-year university is much wider when one tries to transfer from a community college.

There is a twenty-five percent chance to get into UCLA as a freshman, but if one is enrolled in the Honors Program at PCC and wishes to transfer to UCLA, their chances can increase to up to eighty percent. The Honors Transfer Program at PCC also has partnerships with Pomona College, UC Irvine, UC Riverside and Occidental College.

Another program, Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG), allows students who complete an agreed upon sequences of classes in general education and with a selected major with a minimum GPA to apply to a four-year institution and be guaranteed admission. Guaranteed admission contracts exist with schools such as UC Davis, Irvine, Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz to name a few.

Two more tailored programs, Right of Passage in Education (ROPE) and Chicanos/Latinos Advancing in the Values of Education (CLAVE), are also available to help African American and Latino students in their transfer processes.

“Transfer can be fairly certain,” Wontorek said. “But you need to come by and see us because we can tell you exactly what your odds are, and where your best chances are.”

Students can have walk-in consultations every day after 11 a.m. at the transfer center located in room L110, attend a workshop, or find out when university representatives are on campus to meet with students. The transfer center’s calendar is available online.

“I knew there was a transfer center at PCC, but I didn’t know it was so helpful,” computer science student and hopefully USC transferee Leslie Covarrubias said.

Another student, Will Marcil, found the workshop rather helpful in his aspirations to transfer to a university after his time at PCC.

“This has always been my plan,” Marcil said. “Starting at PCC, trying things out and getting my first leg up. Save money. And then transfer when I know what I want to focus my studies on.”

There are many options to choose from as a student who wants to transfer. The process can be daunting, with a lot to consider, dates to remember, and financial problems to solve.

A good place to start could be talking face to face with university representatives on campus Sept. 28 during University Day. They will be available to ease the doubts students may have, and help them find out what their academic future could look like.

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