Pasadena City College will be hiring 58 new faculty members in the coming year funded by the schools annual hiring budget. 

Funding for the new hires comes from the allotted state funds that the school receives each year. The amount of funding is determined by the number of students enrolled. Positions will include professors, counselors and librarians. 

“It is 58 faculty positions, this is something that the college goes through every year,” PCC’s Spokesperson, Alexander Boekelheide said.”In State regulations require us to hire a certain number of full time faculty based on the enrollment that we have.” 

A large percentage of the school’s annual budget is reserved for personnel and employee related expenditures. Roughly 81% of the schools annual budget is reserved for employees salary and benefits. 

“All of our employees are paid through the state and state budget,” Boekelheide said. “Roughly 80-90% of the college’s budget is spent on personnel.” 

No budgetary shortcomings are anticipated with the hiring of 58 new faculty members. The funds that are being used to support the hires have been specifically set aside for the purpose of adding new full time staff..

The roles for all 58 faculty members who will be hired are for full time positions in multiple departments including the science department and the fine and applied arts department. 

Some of the roles include biological science instructors, vocational nursing instructors and 4 English composition instructors, and an additional Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOP&S) counselor. Hiring a new EOP&S counselor will allow more students who have suffered from economic adversity to get educational success counseling and financial aid resources.

By hiring full time positions PCC hopes to decrease the need for part time faculty hired on a semester to semester basis.

“We offer a certain number of classes every semester that are either taught by full time faculty that are a part of our permanent employment base or they are taught by adjuncts who are hired on a per course basis each semester,” Boekelheide said. “By employing more full time faculty means we may not need to hire as many adjuncts.”

Boekelheide added that the recently passed Measure PCC funding will not be involved in the hiring budget. The measure that was on the California budget last November will provide the school with bonds that will cover the costs of maintaining and updating the campus facilities.

“Measure PCC funds are locally sourced tax dollars that can only be used for facility improvements.” Boekelheide said.

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