PCC Police Blotter May 17, 2021 to May 23, 2021

Monday, May 17

No activity to report

Tuesday, May 18

PCC staff reported hearing yelling near parking lot 3. The officer contacted the subject, who was upset and yelling at his phone. The officer counseled the subject then released him.

Wednesday, May 19

A custodian observed an elderly male transient with a shopping cart in the SE courtyard. Later the custodian observed numerous belongings and trash scattered across the ground. When the officer arrived, the transient was gone.

Thursday, May 20

Facilities mistook an officer using a flashlight blocking off parking spades for detail as a suspicious person around the CDC.

A cadet reported a child fallen from a bicycle, the parent was contacted and declined any medical assistance.

Friday, May 21

Facilities reported a trash truck has backed into a light pole near the SW corner of the W building. An officer took the report as disposition.

Saturday, May 22

No activity to report.

Saturday, May 23

No activity to report.

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