From the Campus Police blotter through Oct. 13:

Monday, Oct. 7

Pasadena Police reported that a black female transient continually dials 911 from the payphone in Lot 8. PPD requested that an officer made contact with the subject and advised her not to call 911 unless it is an emergency.

A student was upset with a vendor in the quad regarding an incident in September where the student was charged for sunglasses and claimed that due to a personal emergency, she was unable to collect her purchase at the time. The vendor stated that he does not know what the student is talking about and refused to give anything to the student.

Library staff advised that a black male adult, who was banned from the premises a month ago, was seen wandering around the main floor of the library.

A student reported leaving her wallet in her vehicle Tuesday, Oct. 1. An unknown suspect stole her wallet and used her bank card to make fraudulent charges.

A cadet reported that an Asian male student was yelling at the Rosemead Campus front counter and refused to leave after being told to do so. The same student has repeatedly caused arguments with the staff before. Temple City Sheriff were contacted to respond to the call where they gave the student a stern warning.


Tuesday, Oct. 8

Pasadena police activity occurred on Bonnie Avenue, south of Colorado Boulevard. A suspect on the roof of the house adjacent to Chick-Fil-A was resisting officers’ orders to come down from the roof. Traffic was stopped until suspect was taken into custody.

Students reported that a female subject of Middle Eastern descent in her mid 50’s was in the Sculpture Garden soliciting people to come and work at her house. The garden area was checked but turned up negative results.


Wednesday, Oct. 9

A swimming coach reported several cell phones were stolen from GM-105 while they were left unattended by students in class.

Facilities requested an officer to the 2nd floor of the E building women’s restroom for vandalism to school property.


Thursday, Oct. 10

Reports of a male transient yelling explicit comments at students as they walk by on the east side of the V building. Subject was contacted and advised to leave campus.

Pasadena Police requested assistance to contact a student who may have been a suspect in a hit and run. The student was located in class and advised to contact Pasadena Police regarding the incident.

A student advised that while she was using a restroom in the D building, a female approached her stall and attempted to open it. The student advised the female subject the stall was occupied but the subject continued to insist on opening it. The student exited the stall and asked why she kept trying to enter the stall. The female subject apologized and stated that she was given permission by the college to bathe herself in those restrooms.

A student advised that a subject that was seen selling false permits in Lot 4 level 1 on several occasions.

Reports were made for a student suffering from an allergic reaction to peanuts in CA-312. The student was conscious and breathing and did not request paramedics. A friend of the student retrieved an epi pen from her car. The student was escorted to the Health Center for treatment.

A party advised that an analog clock in C-158 fell from the wall onto a student and hit her shoulder. The student complained of shoulder pain and was transported to the Health Center for treatment.

Reports were made of a white female subject in her late 40s sitting on the ground in the middle of Level 2 in Lot 5. She was reportedly wearing a pink hoodie and blue jeans. The subject was contacted and escorted off campus.


Friday, Oct. 11

A responding cadet advised that a transient with a stay-away order was seen on campus in the GM building, and was to meet with the Dean of Student Life before being allowed to be on campus. The subject was contacted and advised to make an appointment with Dean Rebecca Cobb.

Staff reported being harassed by a student during class. Student is known by Campus Police and currently has a stay away order on file.

A facilities supervisor reported theft of custodial items from a cart parked near the lobby of the R building. No suspects were seen.


Saturday, Oct. 12

Video surveillance captured a male northeast of the ITS building setting up camp in the area. The subject was contacted by officer and advised to leave campus areas.

Pasadena Fire Department Engine no. 34 advised they responded to a call of a subject threatening to jump from the rooftop of the 7-Eleven on Colorado Boulevard. The fire department later advised that dispatch cameras observed no subject on top of the roof.


Sunday, Oct. 13



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