After Los Angeles County saw an increase of COVID-19 cases, Pasadena City College is restricting student and public access to the college effective March 18 to 29, according to an email sent to staff on Saturday afternoon.

Superintendent/President Erika Endrijonas also declared a state of emergency at the college to make PCC eligible for assistance and ease spending restrictions. The Board of Trustees is expected to affirm this action at its meeting on Wednesday, according to Endrijonas in the email.

“Faculty and academic administrators will continue previously announced work to convert as many courses as possible to remote instruction by Wednesday, March 18, and to address necessary issues with any courses that will not be moving to alternate methods,” said Endrijonas. “Further information will be coming in a later message from Terry Giugni, vice president of instruction.”

Students will still be able to access the campus this Monday and Tuesday, March 16 to 17, to tend to last-minute needs. However, all classes are still canceled for these days. 

The campus’ first intent was to keep face-to-face classes operating on March 18 while other professors worked to transition online during the canceled class days.

“Following March 18, we’re going to have to find some way to address those face-to-face classes that would have met,” said Alex Boekelheide, assistant to the superintendent/president, in a phone call with the Courier. “So, that’s where the work is going to happen on Monday and Tuesday.”

Plans are also underway to help students access technology they may not have otherwise after the closure, according to Boekelheide. The campus is also partnering with Spectrum to provide internet access to students free for 60 days. To get set up with service, check here.

The following departments will be available for student access on March 16 to 17

  • (These departments won’t have windows open for service, but representatives will be available in the Welcome Center.)
  • Admissions and Records 
  • Counseling Services 
  • Disabled Students Programs and Services 
  • EOPS/CARE, NextUp and Foster Youth Services 
  • LancerPantry 
  • Outreach and Transfer 
  • Queer, Undocumented Empowerment for Students to Thrive
  • (These departments will be open in their normal locations.)
  • CORE 
  • Financial Aid 
  • Health Center 
  • International Students
  • PASS 
  • Pathways FYE
  • Personal Counseling 
  • Puente 
  • Social Services 
  • Student Life 
  • TRIO 
  • Ujima 
  • Veterans Resource Center 
  • The Zone 

Stay up to date on PCC changes by signing up for RAVE alerts and checking here. Get the latest information from the Center for Disease Control here.

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