With proposed state budget cuts in sight atop the numerous cuts already enacted, PCC Foundation has launched a new approach to raising money. Earlier this month the school commenced its’ “Raise Your Hand for PCC” campaign, which seeks donations from the school’s community, faculty and alumni in accordance with the Educational Master Plan.

According to PCC President Mark Rocha, the money raised through this campaign will go directly to the Annual Fund, which will use it for unrestricted objectives. In the past, donors would often contribute money for specific programs and causes. This campaign will raise money that can be used wherever the college deems it to be necessary.

“Unrestricted money could fund library hours, tutors, student services or even another counselor,” Rocha said. “This money will help to keep some classes open that would otherwise close.”

Within the Educational Master Plan a comprehensive outline of priorities and goals for the college is set. One of the top 12 priorities encompassed by the plan is the “Revenue Enhancement Strategies” section, which covers creating a campaign such as “Raise Your Hand for PCC”.

The school aims to “identify and develop alternative funding and revenue streams, i.e., expand the annual giving campaign,” the Educational Master Plan says.

According to Interim Vice President Lisa Sugimoto, one of the primary founders for this campaign, “the Foundation has been given the charge through the Educational Master Plan of really gearing up and bringing in funds to support quality education for our students.”

“We’re not going to be able to depend on the state to do some of the things we need them to do. We don’t know what our budget is going to look like next year. But, so far, it doesn’t look pretty,” she said.

Rocha acknowledged that this campaign arose amidst a cloud of daunting budget cuts. “There is no question that the budget reductions have made it all the more important that we go out and seek new sources of revenue,” he said.

According to Resource Development Specialist Irene Aguilera this campaign can provide the money needed to continue important programs such as the Grant Program.

Aguilera, a primary initiator of the campaign, said, “there are so many things that are needed, but are seen as extraneous. They are not seen as necessities in the budget.”

These things -Aguilera specifies examples such as book vouchers and fee waivers- are what the campaign intends to provide funding for.

“The idea is to broaden the participation for everybody,” Rocha said. “PCC has thousands and thousands of alumni. If just a small percentage of them donated just $100 each, it would make a huge difference for our students.

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