From the Campus Police blotter for the period ended Dec. 1, 2019:

Monday, Nov. 25

Two female students reported that a white male adult subject was seen masturbating while viewing images on a laptop computer in the Shatford Library. The student recorded footage of his activity on a cell phone.

A medical assistant instructor reported a student complaining of severe abdominal pain in Robinson Stadium near the west stairs. The student requested assistance to the Health Center for evaluation and was escorted.

A male student reported his ex-boyfriend had been seen around the campus after their break-up in August 2019. In September 2019 the student told the ex-boyfriend to stop frequenting the same area as him. The ex-boyfriend is a non-student. The student requested Campus Police to contact the ex-boyfriend be contacted and advised to not follow him around the campus.


Tuesday, Nov. 26

A student reported his vehicle was possibly scratched with a key while parked in Lot 4 Level 2A.

A caretaker states she left a disabled student briefly unattended in W-206. When she returned to the classroom the student was gone. PCC Disabled Services said  the student was in Lot 3 waiting for his ride home. An instructor in W-206 walked the student to DSP&S office for assistance when he noticed the caretaker had left the area.

A caller used a 911 callbox to report that a student fainted near C-345 possibly due to anxiety. Officer Gonzalez was advised that the student suffers from anxiety, and was feeling better. The student declined medical attention and assistance to health Center for evaluation. 


Wednesday, Nov. 27

A personal counselor in D-205 requested an officer for a student needing assistance with depression and suicidal thoughts. Campus Police assisted with transportation of the student to Huntington Memorial Hospital.

A cadet reported two females on skateboards holding onto a moving vehicle in Lot 4 Level 5. The vehicle was seen on camera heading towards Lot 3. The suspect vehicle was contacted by an officer in Lot 3.

Reports were made of a smoldering vending machine northwest of the R building. An officer observed a burning smell in the area. The middle of the machine was steaming possibly due to an electrical malfunction. The machine was unplugged and the Pepsi Company was advised of the malfunction.


Thursday, Nov. 28

A burglar alarm motion sensor activated at the PCC Bookstore’s docks as reported by the alarm company. The Bookstore was checked by an officer and nothing was found. It was likely a  possible malfunction.

A female who works with a subject who frequents PCC through a campus program reported that he was possibly assaulted. The circumstances are not clear. The subject spoke to Officer Arechiga. The female said she did not know if the incident occurred on PCC Campus; she will also be filing a report with Pasadena Police. Further investigation revealed that the incident occurred off campus at Wilson Middle School. Pasadena Police Department will be handling the investigation.

Another burglar alarm was activated at the Bookstore docks, as reported by the alarm company. The PCC Bookstore was checked by officer and nothing was found. Campus Police was advised by the bookstore manager that the alarm sensor gets triggered by wind near the small space between the floor and roll-up door.

Campus Police dispatch observed cameras out due to a power outage in Lot 5 and the Science Village areas. These areas were checked. A message was left for the Facilities Supervisor to advise of the outage.


Friday, Nov. 29

Another power outage was reported  in Lot 5 and the Science Village areas.  Facilities Supervisor advised of a problem in the main breaker in Lot 5. Power was restored and personnel were notified through email.

Staff at the CEC campus advised the west side of the CEC building had a door propped open when she arrived. The staff member did not see anyone in the area and reported that she closed the doors behind her when she left. Officer Arechiga advised seeing a transient in Lot D and he may have gained access inside the building. The CEC’s building interior was checked and secured.

A subject was contacted south of the C building’s handicap doors. Officer Gulianai found the subject sitting inside C-156. Handicap door was left ajar. There were no signs of forced entry, and the subject did not have any burglary tools in his possession.


Saturday, Nov. 30

No Activities were reported for this period.


Sunday, Dec. 1

No activities were reported for this period.

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