The First Year Pathways program will receive the Chancellors Student Success award given out by Chancellor Brice W. Harris, as part of the Community College League of California’s annual conference on Nov. 9.

The Pathways program works with students graduating from district high schools.  It focuses on helping students identify and complete their academic goals, according to Brock Klein, interim associate dean, teaching and learning center.

“If students can make it through the first year, their chance of completion in college increases,” said Klein.

Through the program students participate in Summer Bridge programs which are also called Jams. Some of the jams have been for ESL, Design and Math. They are two-week, no cost programs which integrate instruction and structured supplemental support with engaging orientation to college activities, according to Klein.

The other element to help the students is counselors and coaches according to Shelagh Rose, faculty lead, Pathways.

Counselor Cecile Davis Anderson explains the differences between the counselors and the coaches. “The counselors are professionals who are also faculty, and their role is to help students with educational and career goals,” said Davis Anderson. “The coaches are para professionals and their role is to help students follow through on the educational and career goals by getting them engaged on campus and using resources,”.

Students usually drop out for personal reasons, according to Lily Tran, first year coach.

“We are available to check in with students (on a regular basis),” said Tran.

The students appreciate the work the counselors and coaches do. “My coach encourages me to ask questions and offers advice,” said Jorge Pacheco, medical assisting.

Program outreach assistant Javier Carbajal Ramos helps to fill in the details about the background of FYP.  “The FYP started two years ago and has 800 students involved,” said  Carbajal Ramos.

The program aims to grow. “We are planning to expand next year to 1200 students.  We want to continue till all students have access to the program,” said Klein.

The award is well received by the Pathways program. “I am excited, it has been a lot of work,” said Rose.

Klein is excited also.  “It is recognition for hard work from a lot of people, it tells us we are moving in the right direction,” said Klein.

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