Parking permits for the upcoming spring semester, and all others thereafter, are now available to students, faculty, and staff online at the PCC website.PCC Chief of Police Peter Michael and Christine Cooper, PCC’s parking division coordinator, are encouraging more of the PCC community to take advantage of the online sales so that they can avoid standing in long lines.

“People get aggravated when they have to stand in line waiting to purchase their permit, especially during the first week of school when they’re trying to get settled in their classes. This way they have one less thing to worry about,” said Cooper.

According to Michael, in order for students to purchase their parking permit online, all they will need is their LancerCard ID number, a valid credit or debit card, a valid e-mail address, and a mailing address. Also, a surcharge of $3.75 will apply when a permit is ordered online.

The permit will be mailed to the address provided and students or faculty and staff may print out a temporary permit that is valid for five days at the end of their transaction.

In regards to the surcharge, Cooper said, “The time you save is worth $3.75. It’s like buying a cup of coffee at Starbucks.”

Michael said, “This way is much more convenient for everyone. We’re only capable of processing so much with man power, especially after budget cuts.”

According to Michael, the old hanging style permits are outdated and the new stick-on permits feature static cling, which allows them to be interchangeable between cars.

In the rare case that one might receive a parking ticket because they left their permit in a different car than the one they drove to school, one can pay $5 to make an appeal instead of having to pay the price of the ticket, according to Cooper.

Jose Sepulveda, an architecture major, said, “I think it’s swell that PCC is making the permits available online but I think we should have the option of being able to pay for the permit online then pick it up at school so we don’t have to pay the extra fee for processing and mailing.”

Silvia Riley-Gallon, a member of PCC’s staff said, “It’s a fabulous idea and we can finally move into the 21st century. I can get [the permit] with a couple of clicks, so it definitely beats standing in long lines.”

Parking permits can still be purchased at the Trolley located in the Quad from Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will be sold from Feb. 22 through Feb. 26 in room 203 of the Campus Center.

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