After trailing by just three votes in the race for the district two seat on the PCC Board of Trustees on election night, Jim Osterling has pulled decisively ahead of opponent Tom Selinske, 2,163 to 2,045.

Polls closed on election night with Selinske ahead 1,721 to 1,718 and cautiously optimistic. “It’s hard to know what the final count will be,” Selinske said before the updated results.

After the first update, Osterling overtook Selinske by 92 votes, and with a 118 vote lead he is now officially declaring victory.

“I won the election,” Osterling announced on his Facebook page. He could not be reached for comment.

“At this juncture, it’s difficult to overcome an over 100 vote deficit,” Selinske conceded. “There’s a great need to connect PCC to Pasadena Unified School District and that’s what I had hoped to work on.”

According to the Los Angeles County Registrar-Clerk office, although the election results will not be certified until Nov. 23, 99 percent of all votes have been counted. There will be no further updates until the official results, making Osterling the victor.

Over 800 votes were tallied after the polls closed—nearly 20 percent of all ballots cast. Over the half the total votes for the two top candidates came by mail.

Osterling will be sworn in during the Dec 9 board meeting when he and the district four winner, Hoyt Hilsman will replace Jeanette Mann and Bill Thomson, respectively.

2 Replies to “Osterling surges ahead to win district two seat”

  1. How low-class that both losers, Tom Selinske and Bill Thomson, still have their campaign websites and Facebook pages up and never conceded the election or wished the winners well.

    Good riddance Bill Thomson, 68% of the voters voted to fire you, a fate you richly deserved. The Courier should ask why the Flea Market, which Tom Selinske still supposedly exercises oversight of and is a 501(c)(3) organization, is not registered as a charity with the State of California and if it has made all of its required filings. The Flea Market is possibly completely out of legal compliance.

  2. Yeah Tom Selinske its especially difficult to overcome since there are no more votes to be counted. Don’t you feel like a fool hosting a “victory party” on election night and then attending an event at PCC the day after the election as if you were the winner? Clueless and embarrassing in just the way people have come to know you. Can you spell Asperger’s?

    Also, perhaps in your years as a PUSD Board Member you didn’t notice PUSD’s College & Career Pathways program which already connects PCC to the PUSD. I mean you were a clueless doofus as a PUSD board member but cmon. Thankfully the voters saw thru you. Just another politician desperate to migrate from one seat to the next. And Tom? Try washing your hair more than once a decade.

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