A new website has been launched by the California Community Colleges and California State University to help transfer students navigate a pathway to their goal of earning the new Associate Degree for Transfer.

The website, ADegreeWithAGuarantee.com, provides comprehensive information for students and parents to learn about the AA-T or AS-T programs and aims to help students earn an associate degree and a bachelor’s with no wasted units.

“[The website] is designed to explain the AA-T or AS-T degree guarantee and helps students identify if an AA-T or AS-T is appropriate to their goals,” said Assistant Dean of Admissions and Records Dina Chase.

Some of the key features of the website include: Details on how the new transfer pathway works, a degree progress checklist, transfer majors available at California community colleges that are matched to similar bachelor’s degrees at California State University campuses. The site also includes testimonials from students who have earned an Associate Degree for Transfer and successfully transferred to a CSU.

Acting California Community Colleges Chancellor Erik Skinner is optimistic about the new website. “An Associate Degree for Transfer will ease the transfer process for California community college students to transfer to a CSU campus,” he said. “ADegreeWithAGuarantee.com is the best place for students and parents to get information about this exciting new program.”

According to the Chancellor’s office, community colleges offer more than 450 new associates degrees for transfer in 20 of the most popular transfer majors and more are being added. These degrees provide pathways to more than 300 baccalaureate degrees across the CSU system. The Chancellor’s office also said the website will be updated as more degrees become available.

Most students know how to navigate websites to gather information, said Chase. However she did have one concern. “The [new] site has many tabs that may make it overwhelming for some students. Too many directive tabs may be confusing,” said Chase. “PCC students may find PCC’s Transfer Requirement Tool (www.pasadena.edu/transfer/tool) easier to navigate since there is only one AA-T or AS-T button to select.”


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  1. With so many schools within the public university system in California, shouldn’t the scope of this program be larger? Green River Community College in Washington offers transfers into just as many four year schools; Ivy Bridge College of Tiffin University, a private institution, offers transfers into 150 schools. The variety of degree offered makes sense. But why such a limited number of transfer options from the country’s largest public university system?

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