Pasadena City College’s special student trustee election last week yielded Zeinab Raad as the new student voice and symbolic student vote on the Board of Trustees.

While the four students contesting for the position ran on similar platforms, such as proper representation of the student body and removing barriers to equity regarding education, Raad won with 47 percent of the vote.

“Working with the new board is going to be exciting because I feel so much passion from every individual and knowing their vigor is present inspires me,” Raad said. “I know the importance this role carriers and I am thrilled and honored to enter it.”

Raad stated that she is eager to begin correspondence with fellow students and determined to begin advocating for Dreamers at PCC.

Students cast 1,286 votes in this election, 20 percent going to Laura Hayes.

“I have to say my heart was full to know how many student voices were involved in making the important decision of who will represent our needs to the Board of Trustees … As for me, I am exactly where I need to be, and will continue to amplify the voices of our community and work toward equity and change,” stated Hayes.

Elysia Adi, who received 30 percent of the vote, released a statement on Facebook stating that although, “I am not in the best state and am confused and beyond sad … I’m proud to say that I lost using conviction and compassion instead of winning on aggression and force.”

Sehi Jordan who received 1.5 percent of the vote was not available for comment.


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