The proposed Center for the Arts Building has taken a new artistic twist. The new plan is inspired by a design of Jacob Hanover, a former art student.”Jacob is a very ambitious and talented budding illustrator,” said Richard Osaka, Hanover’s former instructor.

“He took to this assignment with a lot of excitement and he wanted to do something that was befitting of the new art building, so he concentrated on this theme of having this tentacle situation where the student is grabbed into the visual arts building and not allowed to leave,” said Osaka.

Richard van Pelt, vice president of administrative services thinks the new building is a step into the new millennium.

“The concept for the Center for the Arts is forward, and upward looking. The idea is for people to look up to the future. The revised design is a change in paradigm. People have become used to square walls and the normal PCC architecture, and this challenges that view,” said van Pelt.

Dean of Visual Arts and Media Studies Alex Kritselis sees the new design as being a perfect fit for the campus.

“Clearly as an art building it has to stand out and this design really helps that cause,” said Kritselis.

“I love the idea that each and every one of the small compartments that make the tentacles are art studios, so people can work independently at all hours of the day and night and be able to slide down the sides when they want to go to lunch or go home,” he said.

Kritselis is also pleased that the new building could help alleviate traffic on campus.

“I love that the tentacles could move and touch other buildings and make bridges to other departments,” he said.

The new design has also caught the attention of President Lisa Sugimoto.

“The architectural structure is unique. We are pleased with the new sense of design. The tentacles should be moving. It’s art in motion,” said Sugimoto.

Sugimoto believes that the new design is something that will be talked about for years to come.

“Being at the center of campus will make it a long lasting legacy for the college and the community,” she said.

Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone.

Proposed Arts Building (Illustration by Jacob Hanover)

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