Monday, Oct 24

A homeless person sleeping in the doorway on the Green Street side of the Child Development Center was escorted off the campus.

A man in his 40s was reported aggressively panhandling, grabbed at the reporter and exchanged words in Lot 4, level 2. He was heading eastbound on Del Mar Boulevard and was gone on officer’s arrival.

A student’s purse was stolen while it was left unattended on the track at the stadium.

$600 worth of fertilizer that had been missing since the beginning of Fall semester was reported stolen from a shed at Science Village.

A woman in her 40s wearing a gray hat and scarf was being verbally abusive to the staff in D-300 and refused to follow directions. She was gone on officer’s arrival.

Tuesday, Oct. 25

A homeless man sleeping on the stairs at the E building facing the mirror pools was escorted off campus.

A theft of sound equipment occurred between Oct. 20 to Oct. 21 and was reported by Staging Services.

A subject on the west side of the C building on a skateboard was counseled and escorted off the campus after refusing to leave.

Wednesday, Oct. 26

Hit and run collisions occurred in Lot 3 and Lot 5, one in level 5 and one in level 3.

A student at Foothill Campus, formerly known as the Community Education Center, claimed that a classmate battered her.

A man claimed that an employee was using his social security number.

Three unknown males were walking through the Aquatic Center when one of them picked up a child’s purple backpack and left the area westbound towards Hill ave.

Two transients reported sleeping in the doorway of the laundry room at Facilities were escorted off the campus.

Thursday, Oct. 27

A man in his 50s with short hair, glasses, and a blue and white shirt approached students, attempting to solicit personal information. He was escorted off the campus.

A student’s unattended backpack in the quad, in which contained his laptop, was reported stolen by a male wearing an orange hat, pink shirt, and khaki pants. A vehicle picked up the suspect in Lot 1 and was last seen driving north on Hill Avenue and west through Giddings Alley. A detailed report was sent to Pasadena Police Department.

A homeless woman in her 40s with short black hair and a blue shirt and white jeans reportedly threatened to stab people with her knife on Colorado Boulevard and Bonnie Avenue. The area was searched and she was gone on officer’s arrival.

A student and a transient engaged in a verbal dispute in the Library upon the student’s claim that the transient stole items from her. The transient threw the items at the student when she confronted the transient and left the area. The transient was contacted afterward at Colorado Boulevard and Bonnie Avenue and was asked to stay off the campus unless attending class.

A bicycle was stolen while secured to the bicycle’s rack in the south of the D building.

Friday, Oct. 28

A student was reported missing by her boyfriend since Oct. 27, last seen leaving to go to class at PCC. The instructors from the student’s classes indicated that the student had stopped attending class since Oct. 13. The student’s cellphone has been turned off. Her jurisdictional agency Inglewood Police Department was notified and then has taken over the case.

A transient woman was reported causing a disturbance near C-321 and was escorted off the campus.

A student reported that his cellphone was stolen while he was on the second floor of the Library.

Saturday, Oct. 29

A man in his 40s with dark hair wearing a yellow plaid shirt was reported making inappropriate comments towards another male in the C building’s second-floor men’s restroom. He was gone on officer’s arrival.

A student had her cell phone stolen during a Speech tournament event in the quad.

Sunday, Oct. 30

A homeless person was reported by the facilities to be sleeping in the doorway on the Green Street side of the Child Development Center and was escorted off the campus.

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