Men’s basketball attended the Ventura “We play hard” tournament Friday and Saturday. The team went 0-2, suffering a defeat at the hands of Bakersfield on Friday, 100-75, and on Saturday by Ventura, 88-82. There was no hope for the Lancers in Friday’s game against Bakersfield. The team’s leading scorer, sophomore point guard Elliot Berry, suffered an early injury in the game after contributing only seven points. PCC Head Coach Mike Swanegan spoke of the loss of Berry, and how taking his leading scorer out of the equation provided Bakersfield with an opportunity to win by 25 points.

“We lost our best player in the first game. One of our second starters didn’t play, he had the flu. We were kind of short handed,” said Swanegan.

Some PCC players believed Bakersfield was a strong team, but that the Lancers should have beaten them. “We’re going to struggle until we get everybody back,” Swanegan said.

Pasadena trailed Ventura by as much 13 points in the second half. The gap was later closed down to two points but the Lancers couldn’t get enough momentum to take the lead.

After the tournament was over, the consensus among the team was that the Lancers could have won that game, had their lineup not been weakened by injuries.

“We made a good effort by playing hard the whole game,” freshman point guard Terrell Jones said.

The next game will be held today at 7 p.m.when the Lancers play Cypress, at the Cypress College Gymnasium. “Look out for the next game because we should be coming back,” Berry said.

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