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  • Reports
  • Financial
    • Meeting in Washington D.C was a great success. Discussed open education and resources with legislators. Also made an effort to hold legislators accountable on the issue of undocumented students
  • Program Directors Meeting
    • May 12, 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. in the Circadian
  • Safety Walk
    • Discussion to start a safety walk
    • Group of students walk around campus to see what ends fixing or improvement.
  • Drag Show
    • Drag show being held by Associated Students might be moved from it’s original date of May 26 to June 9
    • Still waiting for confirmation on the new date
  • Action Items
    • Student Transportation Analysis
      • The Board will consider one-time funding for a student transportation analysis from the AS reserves.
      • Not to exceed $32,000.00
      • Analysis will be done by an outside entity
      • It will be up to the Associated Students to fund it
      • Associated Students motioned to table it
      • Associated Students will vote on whether they want to fund this project after they receive more information and more in-depth details on the study.

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