• April 5th AS is required to attend the Board of Trustees meeting
  • Noted that Federal Officers with a subpoena cannot be restricted from locating someone by PCC
  • AS members required to attend and oversee a club each week
  • AS/faculty are pushing the Board of Trustees to make an actual written procedure for assisting federal agents with a subpoena in finding undocumented students, as no procedure exists currently
  • AS info session Wednesday 12-1pm in the Wi-Fi Lounge, occurs once
  • Stephanie Fleming from the Pathways committee discussed planned use for grant money
    • Focus on streamlining classes taken by students, trimming excessive units and providing a map towards transfer/a degree
    • Whole thing is organized by Student Services/informed by their data
    • Tackling changes of major by showing overlapping requirements in map
    • Taking cocurricular classes into consideration
  • Safe learning environment ad-hoc committee for protecting students to be introduced in April 5th meeting
    • Worried that language in possible legislation protecting undocs will be too vague (not specify undocs)
  • Student survey questions refined

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