• The Health Center announced there will be movie night next Thursday, April 6th. The Hunting Ground is about college students who have been raped on campus and who face retaliation as they fight for justice. Also, they said they are planning a suicide prevention training for students and staff in the near future (no details).
  • On April 5th, at 6pm, the AS will have a joint meeting with the B.O.T.
  • On April 12 the AS will hold their meeting at the Rosemead campus.
  • Student trustee Nune Garipian is working on a campus safe zone training and a undocumented students survey
  • On April 6th, Samantha Salomon will represent the AS in reviewing, evaluating and making recommendation regarding food service. Contract is about to expire and a new vendor/contractor needs to be chosen
  • In May, either the 1st or the 15th, five members of the AS’s executive board will be going out for lunch off campus with president Vurdien.  
  • A time, place and manner policy was the discussion item. Dean of student life Rebecca Cobb presented the policy which has been already approved by College Council last December and is now at the Academic Senate.
    • This policy, AP 3900, would establish procedures in order to regulate the time, place, and manner of the exercise of free expression in areas of the college designated as areas generally available for use by students or the community.
    • According to Cobb, faculty has asked for such a policy, but now it’s they are questioning it for fears it would shut down free speech and are asking a less restrictive one. PCC has been trying for years to set up such a policy – especially since 2003 when there was an incident on campus involving police and lawsuits – but the government committees have never reached an agreement.
    • This new draft seems more promising, at least Cobb hopes so. The policy seems legally sound, went through legal advice and would survive court challenge. Cobb insisted that no student can be sanctioned based on their speech, sanctions can only be for behavior, not for content.
    • On April 10 Cobb will go back to the Academic Senate to answer more questions they might have. The Associated Students didn’t really express their opinion on this, it’s the first time they were hearing about it and want to know more before taking position.




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