• During Minutes, Julia reported that she would attend a meeting regarding the school’s mission statement and whether or not it needed revising.
  • According to Julia, the Flea Market Finance board is looking to finance an on campus project with around a million dollars
    • Julia wants to suggest projects that increase sustainability, including additional water filters on campus, more car chargers and less electricity usage on campus.
  • Kiely apparently discussed the possibility of free tuition in the first year for qualified students in the College Council meeting
  • The board moved to approve the amended survey questions from last week’s meeting
  • The board spoke briefly on committee bylaws regarding absences as a reason for removing someone from a committee, suggested putting in place a gpa requirement for joining a committee (which is optional in the bylaws)
  • Parker Bell appointed to the Supreme Council
  • Withheld from approving John Orona for the Student Trustee ad-hoc committee with a vote, which was 5-6
  • Dean moved to pass his bill regarding AS support for California legislation
    • The bill was approved unanimously
    • The legislation supported by this bill regard affordability, supporting undocumented students, and food/housing

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