• Board of Trustees meeting at 7pm in Creveling Lounge
  • ICC Meeting this Friday
  • Club week M-W 10-2pm
  • 400 UPASS sold. No going back after March 3rd.
  • Discussed Canvas being down yesterday (2/28) but is now up and running as of today (3/1)
  • Tax workshop tonight and there will be one at Rosemead campus soon.
  • Let people know to apply for flea market scholarships.
  • How to be an AS workshop
  • Latinx needs $500 to book a rapper named Olmeca for their workshop and AS has granted this wish as long as it becomes a co-sponsorship event
  • AS took pictures with former AS presidents and are going to put them up on the wall of CC212 as tradition
  • AS is planning on going to the Rosemead and CEC campuses to have a meeting at both and answer any questions or concerns from students.
  • Rosemead has two clubs that want to meet with AS where they can talk further about how to launch their clubs.
  • Considering a mini club week at Rosemead campus
  • Tour of CEC campus for AS
  • Looking in budget for money to purchase more “AS swag”
  • One of the AS members made a google docs to make flyers and it’s their new way of how they will start to request publicity for an event
  • Discussed how AS members cannot use AS supplies or funding for other club events unless co-sponsored. No unrelated AS meetings in AS office.
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