From the Director of PCC Rosemead, Raquel Torres-Retana:

  • Last year PCC Rosemead held a meeting at this campus
  • During the fall semester, about 5,000 students were enrolled
  • About 3,000 students take one to three classes
  • 25% students come to Rosemead only
  • Raquel gives a special thanks to new leadership members Victoria and Chris at Rosemead

Executive Board Reports:

VP for Public Relations, Sam Salamon:

  • Drop the Mic Coffee Night April 13th at 7 pm

VP for Campus Activities Norman Lambert:

  • Star Wars: Rogue One April 27th will be shown

VP for Cultural Diversity Kiely Lam:

  • Joining with the Armenian Students Association to host the Armenian Genocide Commemoration Event on April 26th
  • Cultural Talent Showcase @ Wi-Fi Lounge on April 13th at 5 pm

President Julia Russo:

  • Accreditation meeting upcoming Thursday
  • Student survey Apr 26th
  • Next meeting will be held at the CC in a couple of weeks


  • AS Elections are coming up on May 16th
    • No campaigning before election days
  • Board of Trustees event was fantastic. AS should share more perspective to show Board AS cares.
  • President Julia Russo wanted to have the meeting at PCC Rosemead to meet and greet with students, inviting them to join the meeting.
    • Usually meetings take place at PCC’s main campus, but future events will be held at PCC Rosemead for the upcoming semester. As PCC Rosemead has now started its own club, the next future boards will make time to visit PCC Rosemead


Action Items


Sustainability Week:

  • April 24-27
  • Themes include: alternative / public transportation, recycling

Program Directors Meet and Greet:

  • Will be on May 12 to 2 pm.
  • An invitation to meet Counselors Services Transfers, Student Successors, etc.
  • Different labs will be available that’ll be offering students support

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