English instructor Mark McQueen received a letter from the college stating that he has been found innocent of all accusations that he attacked a student, according to a union official.

However, how his reinstatement will be handled is still unclear.

“Thank you all for supporting [McQueen] with both the letter from English faculty and the FA sponsored petition,” Faculty Association President Roger Marheine said in an email Wednesday morning. “The online petition as you may know, went viral as there are over 1,650 signatures of support for Mark… I have no details to share, especially regarding his return to teaching.”

McQueen was placed on administrative leave so that the college could investigate the allegations that he attacked and punched a student on Halloween, after the incident occurred.

McQueen, who has a number of health issues, was allegedly in the hospital after the event because of stress related illness, according to Marheine.

General Counsel Gail Cooper said that McQueen had been put on paid administrative leave to protect the integrity of the investigation and the student complainant and witnesses.

A petition was created and presented at the Nov. 14 Faculty Association meeting demanding McQueen’s reinstatement. The petition stated that a student physically confronted McQueen in his English 1B during a discussion.

“A student stood up with fists clenched and approached McQueen stating ‘you are a motherf***er’ and ‘I can kick your ass,” the petition said. “McQueen raised his hand and placed it on the student’s shoulder in a defensive manner. This action in and of itself diffused the situation.”

Marheine wrote an email to Senior Vice President Robert Bell asking that the college let McQueen continue teaching right away.

“The Faculty Association is advising Professor Mark McQueen that he may return to campus immediately to attend to campus duties and responsibilities,” Marheine said. “The FA anticipates no opposition from the college.”

13 Replies to “English teacher allegedly found innocent”

  1. The writer’s use of “alleged” is completely wrong. Doesn’t the Courier have an editor?

    The Courier: where students learn how to write – erm, I mean, gossip.

  2. Lets call campus security. Oh wait, they are sitting in their car talking on their cell. Worst security department ever. Write tickets and never integrate with students. Who’s that sgt who looks like he ate 3 students?

  3. BRING BACK MCQUEEN!!! That student is a fully grown man! I’m getting sick of seeing his lying ass in class, carrying on as if he belongs in class. If Prof. McQueen couldnt be on campus, neither should that guy. I’ll see you next semester, professor! As a side note; you’re found “not guilty” not “innocent”, looks like someone could of benefited from McQueen’s class.

  4. Yes, I know the name, but the Courier won’t let me publish it. They will block my response to an article if I mention the name. And I’m not sure why; The ruffian isn’t a minor!

      1. Oh, of course, naming the accused will in no way compromise the investigation, right? Excellent logic! So in semesters to come, McQueen will still be gossiped about as the teacher who punched annonymous student/victim, who now realizes how easy it is to accuse and embarrass with impunity.

        This is the reason why you were sent “New Rules for Teachers,” which you also didn’t print, so that teachers can avoid having their names sullied by accusations not yet proven.

        How about this: report the story without mentioning either one of the names, and if an allegation proves true, then shame and embarrass the party convicted.

      2. Never mind the fact that the professor’s name has already been dragged through the mud. That didn’t “get in the way of the investigation,” did it?

  5. i cannot believe this student – I forgot his name, anyone know???? – was left alone, to continue out the semester, still taking the class!!!

    the way PCC treats its professors is sickening!

  6. Now, let’s take the next step and require that the student, who started this chain of unfortunate events because he lacked manners, apologize to Mr. McQueen as a condition to his continuing his studies at PCC.

  7. This makes me very happy! I’m glad McQueen was found innocent as I had anticipated. I’m still concerned about his health and if he will be teaching for spring 2014. I’m thankful I had the privilege of being his student, he inspired me in so many ways and I can never thank him enough. I just hope other students are fortunate enough to experience what I did! #McQueen4Spring

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