Steven Matchan was appointed as PCC’s permanent chief of police and safety services this July after replacing prior director Don Yoder since June 2014, making him the fifth chief since 2011. Prior to serving as chief, Matchan served as a PCC police officer, a training officer, a senior officer, and a department operations sergeant. Before he was hired by PCC in 2004, he worked for a specialized housing police agency in Los Angeles.

Matchan plans to strengthen the department by providing more opportunities to train, increasing police officers and cadet staff, updating safety protocols, and enhancing the bond and trust with the PCC community.

“My position, duties, or goals have not changed since my appointment [as acting chief],” Matchan wrote in an email. “Since day one, I have always accepted the challenges brought to me and always took the position seriously.”

“I am here to serve my staff and provide them with all the resources, tools, and support available to make their jobs easier,” he added. “I always make myself available to our community, because I took this job understanding that I swore to serve and do everything I can to keep them safe.”

Among those who support Matchan’s appointment as chief is PCC Superintendent-President Dr. Rajen Vurdien, as well as the Board of Trustees.

“Dr. Vurdien recommended, and the Board approved, the appointment of Steve Matchan for permanent position of PCC Police Chief based on his strong performance both as the Interim Police Chief as well as his strong performance as second in command under the previous Chief,” said Board of Trustees President Linda Wah in an email.

Sgt. Bill Abernathie, who has been with the department for three years, has also shown full support of Matchan.

“Chief Matchan’s experience, institutional knowledge, what he has learned from the trials and tribulations of several police chiefs and the positives and negatives that they brought to the job, and his previous experience in law enforcement made him a good choice for the position,” said Abernathie.

18 Replies to “Interim chief appointed head of police and safety”

  1. It is sad that people nowadays are full of hate. That people have nothing better to do then to spout lies and just be so hateful. I feel bad for you all, I am sorry you have so much hate in your lives.

    1. Hey Matchan, don’t try to dismiss the sexual misconduct you’ve done, or the money you’ve swindled with such a foolish response as “haters”. Are you so juvenile as to parrot Taylor Swift? You are a disgrace to the badge! Had our trash can of a college not scraped the bottom of the barrel to give you a position you are not qualified to hold we would not be having this conversation. Why don’t you just graze in a hay field.

        1. What a loser and a sexual harasser! Part of his responsibilities should be sweeping the 2nd floor restroom, and cleaning the urinals. God knows the urinals are cleaner than this pig. Matchan really sucks.

    2. Hate? Unfortunately, Potential Target 2, these are all truths! As a community, we have endured the poor leadership of a string of Presidents that fail to listen to those they serve. This President and Board are fully aware of Matchan’s past and the violations of policies and crimes he has committed. They also are aware of the quality of security officers we have and cannot afford to hire a qualified Chief knowing half, if not all of these officers should be fired. Those voicing concerns, do so because they are fully aware of Matchan’s lack if integrity, ethics, experience, etc, etc. Oh, I’m sorry, this is and has been the culture of our Board of Trustees, President’s Office and Administration, so I guess Matchan is the right choice.

    3. It is my opinion that this school has these options:

      1) Arm their officers.

      2) Contract out for law enforcement services from another agency.

      I think the organization needs to move away from the control of the board of trustees and be an independent entity. The options I outlined are for the safety of the campus.

  2. This place is full of donkeys. Matchan as police chief? I almost fell out of my chair. Thought I never would see the day. I give it less than a year before he is a goner. No more hiding in the back. Now it’s time to face the music.

    1. Well said Mr. Johnson. Although I think there are plenty of donkeys in our campus police department, AKA security guard central, Matchan is not a donkey. Matchan is a despicable loser and a serial sexual harasser, who most closely resembles a manatee.

      1. Your both wrong about Matchan. Matchan every time I see him waddling around campus, he reminds me of something unpleasant I stepped in as I walked on the grass in the park. What a complete loser.

  3. Yep, we’re number one! Last year I was a cadet, and the cadets all knew that when Matchan and his blockhead security guard/officers would confiscate marijuana from students they’d keep it for personal use. I surely hope that when this loser of a former fired Housing Authority Police Officer sexually harasses someone in the months to come; and steals some more funds, the college will finally wake up. I’m disgusted by this place.

  4. Yoder was much better than this loser. This place is something else, we have lunatics who cant teach for professors, cretins for administrators, and imbecile’s for support staff!

  5. You can’t make this stuff up! What a total disgrace, and a complete sham of the hiring process. The college knows he’s corrupt and a sexual harasser, but they still gave him the position. I was on the hiring panel, and Manchon was not the most qualified for the job; in fact he was totally outclassed for this position by the other applicants in all criteria that matter. He was selected for one reason alone. Try to guess what this reason was; it’s not difficult to figure out!

    This place has reached a new common denominator.

  6. PCC has really become a dungheap. Not only is Manchon a crook, but this asylum is governed and administered by losers. I can’t wait to leave this cesspool.

    1. Disgusted student, I have no faith in law enforcement any more now that a loser and thief like Matchon is this campuses police chief. We’ve really scraped off the fecal matter that settles on the bottom of a barrel if this is the best we can do. You are right about this place being administered by losers. What a toilet.
      Matchon looks like Shrek, but is not as bright as Shrek.

  7. Trust, integrity, respect…thats not Matchan. How about liar, sexual harasser, bigot, thief and embezzler. This college gave him the job knowing all of this. This is why PCC is so screwed up. Matchan has stolen monies that should have benefited students, the President knows this and so does the Board. Integrity? Go look at his car and any employee working for the police department, see if they have a parking pass. Why don’t they…BECAUSE MATCHAN LEADS BY EXAMPLE! Lets give tickets to the students and faculty, for not paying for parking, but if we are the police we don’t need to pay for parking…even if your the Chief. Great pick Board, lack of integrity continues here at PCC.

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