The PCC Faculty Association has endorsed Tom Selinkse for the district two seat and Hoyt Hilsman for the district four seat on the PCC Board of Trustees.

The PCCFA voted to recommend the candidates after they responded to a Faculty Association questionnaire, expressed their views on issues facing the district at a candidates’ forum on Oct. 6, and met with the association.

“Tom Selinske’s understanding of the needs of students and the contributions faculty, staff and administration make in meeting those needs, made a convincing case that he’s the candidate of choice,” PCCFA president Julie Kiotas said in a press release.

The Faculty Association joins Congresswoman Judy Chu, Former PCC President and state senator Jack Scott, Assemblyman Chris Holden, and retiring district two trustee Jeanette Mann in endorsing the educator, small business owner, and PCC alum.

Also vying for the district two seat are USC adjunct professor James Osterling and social scientist Martin Enriques.

Osterling, who teaches finance and real estate, is endorsed by over 50 business, government, education, and civic leaders including Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek, district one trustee Ross Selvidge and several city council members.

Enriques has been following board issues and PCC news for “a third of a century” and has lived in Pasadena for over 50 years.

He also has given an endorsement of his own, writing an op-ed to the Pasadena Star-News where he described district four incumbent Bill Thomson as “the best trustee to represent area four in the last 40 years” and praised his efforts in raising over $1 million for student scholarships through the Pasadena City College Foundation.

Thomson, the former mayor of Pasadena, has served on the board of trustees for the last eight years and is endorsed by two former PCC presidents-superintendents, Dr. Jack Scott and Dr. James Kossler, as well as his colleagues on the board, Berlinda Brown, Anthony Fellow, and Jeanette Mann.

However, the PCCFA has endorsed author and former PCC journalism professor Hoyt Hilsman in his bid to unseat Thomson.

“We believe that Hilsman will strongly advocate on behalf of students, faculty and the community on the Board of Trustees,” Kiotas said. “Based on his representations regarding planning, communication, and transparency, Hilsman appears to have the vision necessary to effect sorely needed change in the district during these challenging times.”

Hilsman is also endorsed by Assemblyman Chris Holden, Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek and Temple City Mayor Tom Chavez.

Former student trustee Marshall Lewis, while lacking the endorsements and accolades of his competitors for the district four seat, has promoted his active role on the PCC campus.

During his time at PCC, Lewis has served as the president of the Veterans Club and Omicron Mu Delta, an honor society created to recognize students and faculty who have given distinguished all-around service to the college, and held positions on the lobby, calendar, and Measure P committees.

“Primarily we were looking for a candidate who is open to discussion,” said Faculty Association director Mary-Erin Crook. “At times the discussion on this campus has been difficult.”

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  1. Mr. Enriques is quite a character. He is not fit to be a leader at the college having heard him at the forum. Also, having read his accolades of Bill Thompson, it seems obvious he has no clue about the current leadership at the college and Board of Trustees = they all need to GO!

    Hoyt Hillsman would be a good leader for our campus.

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