Study Abroad is taking a group of students to Florence, Italy in fall when students can indulge in Italian food, culture, and art studies.Rita D. Amicio and Karen Carlisi, instructors leading the trip, have prepared am itinerary that includes 11 transferrable course units, exciting excursions, and classes that equip students in Italian culture.

“We offer five classes [for the trip] that are all general education requirements,” said Carlisi.

Classes include Italian language, civilization, film as dramatic literature, humanities, intercultural communication, and an English class with a concentration in Henry James and John Ruskin.

According to Carlisi, classes will be held in the American Institute for Foreign Studies center, a scholar program in adjunct with study abroad trips, providing students with a classroom and study center.

Classes are from Monday through Thursday and students have the weekend to travel freely.

According to the study abroad website, the cost of the trip is $7,820 and covers certain expenses such as airfare, living quarters, concerts, and excursions to historical sites.

“This is an amazing deal,” said Carlisi.

“It’s one of the lowest cost trips to Florence that we’ve ever had.”

Students can also get a meal plan for an extra $400 that is good for many trattorias and restaurants in the city. Students will stay in two bedroom, shared apartments for the duration of the trip.

In addition, there is a planned day trip to Rome, Sienna, and San Gimignano all covered by the prepaid price.

“I encourage students to go. I went on a study abroad trip as a graduate student and it was a life changing experience,” said Carlisi.

Interested students should attend the information meeting at noon or 6:00 p.m on April 7 in C217.

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