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The front desk of the International Student Center located in the D Building.

A late spring session will be scheduled to accommodate international students who had made arrangements to travel or work during the eliminated winter session, officials said.

Vice President of Instruction Robert Bell explained that 12-week classes will be offered during the Spring semester allowing International students to enroll in 12 units or more. These classes will begin in mid-February and conclude along with other classes at the end of the semester in May

Faye Luo, fashion, had planned to travel home during the winter session and decided to work around the new calendar. “I want to travel to Taiwan so I have to start school late [in] spring session,” said Lou.

The Office of Instruction has received numerous emails from international students with concerns about enrolling in classes for the coming spring semester since they had made arrangements to travel out of the country during what would have been the winter session, leaving at the end of the 2012 fall semester and returning in early February 2013, according to Bell.

“The [12-week] class sessions will be offered in the same manner as Spring Forward classes in the 2012 Spring semester,” he said.

International students have their classes guaranteed so they never have problems with their travel, according to the Assistant Director of International Students Amy Yan.

In addition, priority registration will be available to international students for these classes according to Bell.

Art major Eduardo Remis, from Mexico, said that the new calendar is more convenient because he can now graduate after the summer session. “I may have needed the winter [session], but it is basically the same because now we have two summer sessions,” Remis said. The scheduling of summer classes has not been announced, however.

A majority of international students like Rachel Xiao Tong Wang, psychology, found out last week about the change in the academic calendar and realized she would not be traveling home to China. “There is not enough time to travel,” said Wang.

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