As of July 1, 2017 the district’s purchasing and contracts administration department curated an agreement with PCC’s food services where they will be responsible for all food catering on campus.

“The District’s agreement for food services expired,” Joe Simoneschi, the director of the purchasing and contracts administration department said in an email. “ So a new [request for approval] was sent out to vendors who provide food services and posted on our website.”

This food service agreement was not solely Simoneschi and his department’s decision.

“The [request for approval] had a committee with both faculty and student representation. The committee developed criteria, presentation questions, and gave feedback related to the recommendation of award for the contract,” Simoneschi said.

The recently made agreement states that PCC’s I-8 food service will be responsible for food catering needs on campus for things such as sports banquets, club meetings, college departments, and all other food servicing needs.

“Now we have a contract and agreement where we have inclusivity. So we provide all the food [services].” I-8’s Catering Production Manager, Tana Lim said.

Requests can be made to have outside vendors cater events, but it is up to I-8’s discretion. Both Lim and  Mimi Siri, I-8’s Food Service director, are both responsible for approving or denying requests made.

“The college wants us to do every single thing if we can,” Siri said. “We approve or deny requests case by case.”

The agreement is especially helpful for the school financially.

“[T]here was a $75,000 increase annually in funds,” Simoneschi wrote. “The amount [is] now in total $175,000 annually.”

PCC came up with this agreement essentially to unite and protect the school.

“The important thing for this whole idea is [that] we would like to protect our people,” Siri said. “We’re trying to avoid food contamination as much as possible. When you order from outside food vendors, you have a higher chance [of contamination].”

The college has strict regulations and they know it’s best taken care of when it’s by their own people.

“That’s why the college wants us to take care of the food here,” Lim said. “ We can protect you guys. And educate you guys while we serve you.”

This contract will make it easier on both ends especially because it is right on campus.

“For example, if you have a big event with 200 people and the day before you say that the event will be smaller by like 20 people, we can reduce the price for you. If you order outside vendors you pay the price and you’re stuck with it.” Lim said.

“The main idea is that we’re helping each other, because we’re like partners with the school,” Siri said.

I-8’s director Mimi Siri can be reached for any questions, comments or concerns about this contract at (626) 585-5891 or you can email

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