The wonderful gluttonous day of feast and fun is imminent, but what exactly do our peers and mentors do for Thanksgiving?Some students have family coming to visit from different countries for the holiday.

“Relatives come from different countries to eat at my aunt’s house,” said Cindy Le, 18, nursing.

Some instructors are joining friends of the same field for the special day.

“We get together with my wife’s family in Westwood and then we get together with our artist friends,” said visual arts instructor. “We do a loop.”

Some students do some traveling of their own for Thanksgiving. G.P. Gonzalez is expecting to head down to Orange County for the day, while Jorge Cabrera, a 20-year-old architecture major, is heading out of state.

“We have dinner with my family in Las Vegas,” said Cabrera.

Many students embrace their culture by preparing unique foods, while others have diverse dinner tables due to mixed cultures. Sisters Carolina and Yolanda Rodriguez, music and science majors, respectively, enjoy a special Mexican dish called birria.

“My background is Italian so the food table is a mixture of different foods. We sprinkle in a few Italian traditions with American,” said Dina Chase, director of outreach, degree and transfer service.

Faculty member RaeAnn Caputo is excited to see her brother and spend the holiday with him, while staff member Jerrie Carr and her children head over to her father’s home for the special day every year.

Faculty member Rocio Perez and her family enjoy the football game while they eat.

“My husband watches the football game and we all just eat and have fun,” said Perez.

Then there are those who just can’t be tied down to one location for the evening so they hop around.

“We go house hopping to see who has the best food,” said Marisol Riebeling, 18, cadet.

The common factor for everyone is spending quality time with loved ones and sharing good food with them.

“I’m at home with the family, helping my mom prepare a meal. It’s usually just my immediate family because all my other family lives in Mexico,” said Claudia Marquez, 20, art.

Campus Cadet Lorena Waizer is just happy to be with her family because it’s so rare.

“We use the time to be together because we hardly ever have any time to be together,” said Waizer.

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