Freshly farmed produce is making its way to the farmers’ market and then to Pasadena dinner tables.

Monique A. LeBleu/Courier A California Tornado Potato at the Montrose Farmer's Market on Honolulu, Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016.
Monique A. LeBleu/Courier
A California Tornado Potato at the Montrose Farmer’s Market on Honolulu, Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016.

Open every Saturday in Victory Park, and Tuesdays at the Villa Parke Center, the Pasadena Certified Farmers’ Market has been supplying fresh locally grown foods for over 30 years.

To be a certified farmers’ market, the county agricultural commissioner must approve the market, and farmers only sell agricultural products that come directly from their farms.

Most, if not all, of the farmers at the market grow their produce using organic methods, meaning no chemicals or pesticides are used on the products.

Although not having a certified organic certificate, Lily Baltazar, a second-generation farmer, still farms her produce with organic farming methods.

“For small farmers, it is very costly, so it runs about $6,000 to $7,000 to be certified organic. So most of us like to say we are naturally grown,” Baltazar said.

Baltazar’s farm specializes in fresh culinary herbs, from arugula to watercress. Many fresh herbs act as their own insecticides, so chemical pesticides are not necessary.

The Pasadena Farmers’ Market has become many families’ go-to place to purchase fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Throughout the market, friendly chitchats were made between the farmers and buyers, suggesting cooking methods and recipes.

Although it is harder to grow fruit and vegetables organically, certified organic farmer Julio Dominguez said it is worth the trade off to be able to provide healthier-better tasting food to the public.

June Chen, a mother of two, occasionally comes to the farmers’ market to buy ingredients for the week and enjoys her time walking around the market.

“I hope to come here more often, it is good to know where my foods are coming from”, Chen said.

The Pasadena Farmers’ Market vendors range from fruits and vegetable, to vendors offering jams, jellies, and fish.

For more information on the farmers’ market, visit their website

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