PCC classes that require face to face instruction are struggling to adapt their material to an online format during the campus closure.

PCC has officially shut down the campus until April 20 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, the majority of classes have moved to remote instruction. 

Though most classes have been able to move online, many courses that require meeting in person for a lab are still trying to find a solution. Classes such as dark room photography, science labs, automotive technology, and ceramics will all be impacted by the switch.

“Faculty all across the college are trying different approaches to get through this period, so I’d say we’re working hard to find a whole slew of solutions,” said PCC spokesperson, Alex Boekelheide. “Classes that require face-to-face instruction are being rearranged so that remote-ready content can be taught however possible.”

Because of the campus closure, many students are worried they’ll be missing out on assignments that need to be completed using supplies and technology only available on campus. Some classes have attempted to meet in a remote location in order to continue working on important projects for courses. 

“Maybe they’ll cancel my class the morning of,” said Manny Madrigal, a student currently taking a dark room photography class. “Considering that there’s about 25 of us I’d much rather have all of it online, especially if it’s just sharing our work between us.” 

With the help of online resources like Canvas and ConferZoom, instructors will continue to move their curriculum online until the outbreak settles down. 

Erika Endrijonas, the superintendent/president of PCC, has been issuing statements to students and faculty about the safety precautions being taken by the school during the pandemic outbreak. 

“Pasadena City College is now physically closed to the public and nonessential personnel from March 20 to April 19, but the work of the college continues through remote and online methods,” Endrijonas said in a recent update for the school. 

Students will still be able to receive help from PCC’s resource centers remotely during the time that campus is closed. 

For current updates about PCC’s response to COVID-19, check here

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