The Faculty Association, through a survey sent out last week, is asking its members what actions it should take — up to and including a sickout or strike — in response to recent events on campus.

The survey says that unless shared governance has been restored, faculty members are encouraged to share their opinions in regards to “how to proceed.”

The survey proposes a plethora of resolutions including: supporting walk out / strike action, faculty job action, a vote of no confidence for campus President Mark Rocha, picket on campus and at Board of Trustees meetings, pursuing Brown Act violations through legal means, among other options.

The survey is informational, intended to give all faculty a sense of the serious breach of shared governance by the administration, said FA president Roger Marheine via email. “We are asking faculty to take a close look at our options. The FA is faculty driven and will respond, as we always do, to faculty input,” he said.

According to the survey, the District has violated shared governance in numerous ways by unilaterally cancelling the winter intersession, imposing the three semester calendar, while disregarding various constituent groups.

“…the District has refused to acknowledge the Associated Students and other student groups who have emphatically supported the maintenance of the current calendar,” the survey says. “…the District violated the Brown Act in not admitting students, faculty, and community members to Board of Trustees meetings, and in refusing to allow full public commentary.”

In an email sent out to the FA on Thursday, the association said that it would pursue every legal and collegial resource to challenge the unilateral cancellation the Winter 2013 session. “The FA supports the collegial deliberations of the shared governance process, and the FA will defend all contractual agreements,” the email said.

The FA emphasized that ignoring shared governance causes everyone to suffer enormous consequences. According to Marheine, the union understands that the cancellation of winter is disastrous for the students. “We faculty must support [the students] and join with them to save our college calendar,” he said.

“The students are seeking our support, and they deserve it!” the email said.

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