Music major Chris Isla, better known as Mr. Gaspar, attended PCC last year and has just recently taken a break from school to pursue his dream of music producing and performing. Isla works full time in the studio with his good friend. “Together we produce original house music and big-room-style remixes of popular Top 40 music,” said Isla. “Our music gets us DJ bookings at several notable music festivals and nightclubs.”

Isla started out producing and DJing dance music in late 2007. In August 2008, he began his production project, Cold Blank.

During Isla’s first studio experience he knew this was something he wanted to do professionally.

“I realized that almost every major label artist’s recordings were digitally recorded and manipulated in ways I wanted to achieve,” said Isla.

“Before starting Cold Blank, production and DJing was just a hobby. Now it’s my life,” he said.

“I grew up with him and saw his persistence to write music, which emerged during his adolescence,” said Estela, Isla’s sister, who is very proud of her brother’s accomplishments. “I’ve seen him accomplish so much in just five years, this is only the beginning.”

“There are many perks [to being a DJ], but I think getting paid for doing what I love is the best one,” said Isla.

They have just launched their digital label Burn The Fire Records.

“[We] work on a basic laptop production and learn simple studio techniques to help shape and establish our own recording style and sound,” said Isla.

“He [Isla] has his own sound that sets him apart from the other producers,” said a fan of Cold Blank, Danny Pessy.

Cold Blank has just finished remodeling and setting up its home studio. They are working on a Macbook Pro and other technology in order to produce their music. They have collected samples from 70s tunes, commercials, YouTube and other sources in order to make their music.

“We have engineered and tweaked our own signature synthesizer presets,” said Isla.

“Our tracks have gained support from the biggest names in the industry including David Guetta, Will I Am of Black Eyed Peas, Micky Slim, Miles Dyson, Kissy Sell Out and Zane Lowe of BBC UK’s Radio 1,” said Isla.

“He [Isla] is very creative and unique; his ideas are so different, which is what draws people to his music,” said Estela Isla.

Cold Blank has performed at many events and clubs in venues around California, Florida, and even Mexico.

Their most recent local event was The Fuzzy Festival in Hollywood on Saturday. Zachary Keirstead, a friend of Isla’s from high school, was very impressed with Cold Blank’s set at The Fuzzy Festival.

Cold Blank is in the process of organizing their first overseas tour.

“We are finalizing offers for the UK, Germany, Italy and Australia for 2010,” said Isla.

Their original tracks and remixes can be found on Beatport, iTunes, Hype Machine, their music blog and MySpace profile.

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