A new dean structure has been implemented at the college and all former interim deans have been appointed as associate deans of their respective schools, according to the administration.

“The Associate dean will provide support faculty. Not just the faculty of former division,” said Robert Bell, vice president of academic and student affairs..

All five school deans, who ran unopposed for their positions last semester, will maintain all responsibilities and management of their respective schools, according to Bell.

The deans seem to find this model much more efficient, but the official jobs of the associate dean and the school dean are flexible depending on the needs of each school.

Joseph Futtner, associate dean of the School of Visual and Performing Arts, said that he and Jim Arnwine, the dean of Visual and Performing Arts, are working toward creating an organic model for their school.

“In terms of official job placement, we are still negotiating that,” he said. “We’re still navigating. There are very different programmatic needs. It’s a little unusual for us all.”

Salomon Davila, the dean of the School of Career and Technical Education, explained that with the structure change he is able to focus on outside sources and vendors to help ready the school for the labor market demands.

“Most deans would do a lot of clerical work” in the past, but his department is now “running more efficiently,” he said.
“If you don’t go out, you become a bit myopic. But in this new model, it allows a good transformation.”

Davila also explained that in the former division model, where there were three divisions in the past in the IT building, miscommunication was rampant.

“It runs more smoothly,” he said. “There was no accountability or communication in that model …The communication is much clearer now,” he said.

Futtner explained that with the new school model, there is a much bigger group of faculty to work with, which can be challenging at times.

“There’s a sharply pronounced difference in who your faculty are. There is bicultural negotiation,” he said. “It’s going to organically emerge depending on the circumstances and needs.”

The organic part is where people learn to work together in the best way,” Futtner added.

Davila believes the new structure, which will be official starting July 1 this year, will allow the college to turn over a new leaf.

“There are definitely growing pains…There is a lot of newness, which I embrace,” he said. “We are working through the change.”

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  1. How can Associated Deans be appointed without an open interview process? This contradicts the Board’s written hiring policies. Once again, administration is not following their own policies. No collegiality = no accreditation.

    1. What?!? You expect the BOT to follow our own internal rules? After cancelling Winter, reverting NCNs, buying Rosemead, restructuring the school, and switching to block scheduling?

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