Matthew Jordan, one of the creators of the school’s accreditation report, resigned his position as the interim dean of instructional support at a crucial time during the accreditation process, according to school officials.

Jordan resigned his position after getting a job as the dean of academic affairs at Los Angeles Valley College, according to PCC President Robert Miller.

Academic Senate president Eduardo Cairo said that Jordan’s exit couldn’t have come at a worse time, since the accreditation visit team from the state is coming next week.

“That the accreditation liaison officer leaves right as our accreditation visit team is arriving is bad timing,” Cairo said. “We were told by planning and priorities committee chair, Stephanie Fleming, on Monday… there was no other explanation as to why he had left until the Council on Academic and Professional Matters (CAPM) meeting Wednesday.”

Miller said that the announcement at the planning and priorities committee meeting was a mistake and apologized for that “misstep.” He also said that the reason they were trying to keep it quiet until the CAPM meeting was because Jordan had asked that it not be publicly announced.

“I believe that he was fearful that people would contact LA Valley and perhaps speak of him in ill ways,” Miller said. “I made the determination to respect his wishes… I had planned to tell [the senate’s executive board] at the CAPM meeting.

Miller said that Kathleen Scott, associate vice president of academic affairs, would be taking over as the accreditation liaison. He said she was more than qualified to take on the task.

“When we hired Scott,” Miller said, “one of the main things we were looking for was someone who was experienced with the accreditation process. She has been through at least one full [accreditation] cycle, if not two or three, when Ventura College was placed on warning by the state. She spent three years leading the charge to get that taken care of.”

Scott said that it was pretty standard in other accreditation processes that the accreditation liaison’s officer be someone from academic affairs. She accepted congratulations at the CAPM meeting.

Miller said that Fleming would be continuing in her capacity as faculty self evaluation chair.


The Courier would like to clarify that Matthew Jordan had given the school proper notice before resigning his position.

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