PCC has decided to move all of its summer and most of its fall courses online, according to an email sent to faculty on May 15. 

The stay-at-home order has been extended multiple times, so PCC decided to make the commitment to go fully online for the summer instead of making adjustments for both students and faculty later in the intersession. 

The majority of fall 2020 courses will be taught remotely with the exception of a few courses which cannot be delivered online. These will include Health Science, Natural Science, Kinesiology, Visual and Performing Arts and CTE courses. 

“This is a very recent decision, so we are currently working through the details of converting courses that were originally scheduled face-to-face and identifying what level of training and support faculty will need,” explains the email sent by Terrance Giugni, vice president of instruction.  

Some of the courses that require face-to-face instruction will not be offered during the summer. A list of all the classes that will be available during the summer intersession can be found here.

According to Giugni, if conditions improve and it is safe for students, PCC will allow them to come back to campus during the summer session to finish spring courses that require face-to-face instruction and were forced to stop due to the pandemic.

“We are working on how to offer face-to-face portion of courses that prioritize safety, social distancing, and follow all the local, state, and national safety and standards and protocols,” said Giugni. 

The Distance Education Department is providing faculty all the proper training they need for online instruction. They continue to mentor faculty through videos and zoom classes so they can learn how to use all the necessary tools. Simulation software will allow some lab courses to be taught remotely. 

PCC has been supporting both students and faculty by loaning Chromebooks and will continue to do so during summer intersession.

Online tutoring will still be available for students as well as other online resources

“We are doing everything we can to try, in the fall, to offer everything that we would normally offer, but we can’t control what is going to happen,” said Giugni.

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